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It's not adding up in my mind - Yellow 1975 on BaT

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    Absolutely insane.
    I'm really not that interesting...


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      Absolutely insane.
      Agree. It's the current fascination with "Barn Finds" and or "Low Mileage Unmolested Original Cars"
      My 6 loves to be "molested" :evil:
      CF1634U+O Pimento/Chestnut
      2nd owner, since 1975
      Now in Fair Oaks, CA


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        This morning I looked at the photos of that yellow car, for about an hour. Really checked it out closely.
        We are so used to seeing parts of restored TR's, and commenting on whether this or that is restored correctly.

        To restore a TR6 to the level of this yellow car would probably cost nearly twice what this one sold for. That's what Kurt Tanner would charge, probably more.

        The thing about this 7 K miler is that it is all original- there is no question if it is correct or not- it is just about perfect, as it was when it left Canley 41 years ago.
        All the interior panels meshed together,
        all the body panels were hung just right,
        no chassis sag;
        the original paint was not damaged,
        the intricacies of the complex A/C system were all intact;
        the hardtop had all the original trim pieces---
        Yes, that's a lot of money for a museum piece, or a car that will dive in value, if driven very much.

        But, the buyer had the cash (plus 5% fee + delivery expenses), obviously liked the car... so let's hope he enjoys it.

        Maybe he will join 6-Pack and we'll see more of that car. Kinda doubt that, but perhaps.
        CC80954U '72 TR6 original condition/sold 16.500.
        poolboy rebuilt the Z-S Carbs. Philstr6 rebuilt both rear hubs.


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          I guess I had better call my insurance company and get that agreed value up :P

          Original TRs are difficult to find. Most were rust buckets or have the issues discussed above. Even if the buyer puts a few hundred miles per year on it, it will still be a low mileage unmolested example


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            As for your paperwork. Good luck in seeking it out. A couple of things worth trying to get on a 76 TR6...the window sticker, an original bill of sale, and there are two booklets in addition to the owners manual that I am aware of.

            One is a passport to service book. It is a warranty/service pamphlet for the dealer to stamp each time the car was brought back for service (no one ever did). It has the commission #, owner name, dealer name, etc. The other is a "vehicle stopping distance" book. Not specific to the car, but I've only seen a few of these.
            Here are some of them and a few other things that came with mine.

            Bill of sale

            20 day temporary tag and first year OH plates. The car moved to CA after about a year and then to HI after 2 years and lived there until 1987.

            Hartop "fitting" manual

            One page of the PO's personal journal. Check out those MPG numbers!

            Owners manual and stopping distance

            Passport to service book

            Letter to dealership for some warranty repairs and checks 3 months after purchase. The QA must have been a little low across the pond.



            It's not adding up in my mind - Yellow 1975 on BaT




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