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It's not adding up in my mind - Yellow 1975 on BaT

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  • It's not adding up in my mind - Yellow 1975 on BaT


    I keep looking at this car that has two more days to go on BaT and something is not squaring in my mind - hopefully you can help.

    Aside from a copy of the original sticker, there is no other documentation. No owner history, and no other backup showing mileage history (title transfers, registration records, service history) and no interaction from the selling dealer - aside from all that, I see this............

    On the copy of the window sticker I see what appears to be a number of CP542040O - A little unclear but I'm close.
    On the plate on the drivers door jamb I see a number of CP 35253 UO - Again, a little unclear but I think I'm close.

    Should those two numbers be the same? I know there were some weird numbering schemes at that time, so maybe I am not understanding.

    That would be enough to chase me from this car (I already have my hands full with mine) but I don't want to see someone else get taken for an ride either.

    The car is not at $25K but is offered on Hemmings at $45K which is like WOW!


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    I meant to say - The car is NOW at $25K and is also offered on Hemmings at $45K which is like WOW! - Sorry


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      I see CF 35253 UO on the commission plate using some photo enhancements. The number on the bill of sale is not the commission number. I wonder what it is?

      CP542040O or CF542040O are not found in a search.

      If CF 54204 O was a good number it would be from a 76 car.



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        I've been posting on BaT as well, and it does not add up in my mind. It may be a low mileage car, I don't want to say it isn't, but certain things do not add up like you say. The seller wants $20k more than the average really nice TR6 but they haven't done much to help their cause get there.

        I agree it is problematic that the seller is not responding. There are no undercarriage pictures, no history other than a Xerox copy of a sticker (as far as we know).

        The driver's headrest is on backward, and it looks to me as if the driver's seat bottom has been padded. There are other small things I've noticed that are not quite correct either.

        I have the original window sticker from my low mileage 76 and both the commission and engine number are on it. It is a slightly different layout than the copy on BaT, but I imagine those could have changed over time. Also, if you notice the bottom of the sticker on BaT, it says "original copy lost." This may have something to do with it. I could see a window sticker getting lost at the dealer...tossed out on a test drive, or it just never made it on the car. Also the copy of the BaT sticker is cutoff at the top...there is usually information regarding the port of entry, model year, color, and selling dealer. Even if they reprinted the sticker to replace a lost one, you'd think B-L/Triumph would have printed the correct commission #. It is/was a requirement per Sen. Monroney.

        To get the $45k he wants, he's going to have to tie up some loose ends. He's asking ALL the money, so it's only fair. Unless people just don't care or are naive.


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          It was for sale in Austin for $50K

          For sale in Ft Worth TX

          VIN CS3525340

          Some history here:


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            Good sleuthing! The original ad with the history makes more sense. You'd think the seller would try to showcase this to get his price.


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              Nice job Greg_M.

              Interesting story about the car presented in your links. An even more interesting way to market (or not) a car on BaT. Oh well, to each their own I guess.

              Should be interesting to see where the car lands, but I predict RNM.


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                @rjrdomer - I have never seen an original window sticker from a TR6 - If you don't mind posting a shot of it, I sure would not mind taking a look at it -



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                  Mine. I think this is a window sticker.



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                    Thanks Greg,

                    Makes me wish I had mine - I do have the Heritage Certificate, but just something about the window sticker.

                    Thanks for sharing.


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                      Here is my sticker. Unfortunately it got torn at some point over the past 41 years. And excuse my rough photo. It is just one I had on my phone when I received the paperwork from the original owner. Cool story...I tracked down the original owner of the car (I am the third) and he was still sitting on all of the original documentation 40 years later. I have owned the car for 10 years but only tracked down the original owner within the last year.


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                        Thanks rjr,

                        I was able to track down the daughter of the original owner of my car a month or so ago. She is still in IL where the car came from and remembers the car very well. Her dad passed away a few years ago but she seems to think there may be some records, files, old photos of the car still around in her mom's house. She said her dad was good about keeping records like that. Hopefully he did not let them go to the second owner as all may be lost - It still may all be lost but I keep hope alive.



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                          Well, the last time I looked the bid was $33,500 !
                          Jim / NW Ohio
                          "Tillie"... a '74 dressed like a '69 / CF14608U


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                            Yes, I see the same. Not sure if it's real or a shill bid. Several people are calling out some inconsistencies and asking for further clarification. The seller has been MIA, yet people keep on bidding.


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                              I know you don't want to be a pest but keep on her. I found my original owner about a year ago and it took several months to get the paperwork from him. He was gracious and an all around good guy, but just had other priorities, of course. I personally like paperwork and history, so this was of tremendous value to me. And that is why I'm a bit suspect of this car on BaT. I understand over 40 years, many things can and do happen, especially to rusty TR6s. But in this particular case, things should check out.

                              But I have noticed some people pay ridiculous money for cars on BaT and other auction sites (live and internet) inflating values. You posted a while back about a 74.5 car with a bad trim tag. Yeah...that car looked like a wreck, but someone paid $15k for it. Too rich for my blood. That was an $8k car imho, but to each their own. Some people don't care about tags, history, and rust repair. They just want a shiny red car to drive. Sell the sizzle..not the steak!

                              As for your paperwork. Good luck in seeking it out. A couple of things worth trying to get on a 76 TR6...the window sticker, an original bill of sale, and there are two booklets in addition to the owners manual that I am aware of.

                              One is a passport to service book. It is a warranty/service pamphlet for the dealer to stamp each time the car was brought back for service (no one ever did). It has the commission #, owner name, dealer name, etc. The other is a "vehicle stopping distance" book. Not specific to the car, but I've only seen a few of these. Good luck in your search. Of course this does not make/break your car. The enjoyment you get out of owning it surpasses all else.


                              It's not adding up in my mind - Yellow 1975 on BaT




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