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  • Correct way to lower your top

    Hey Folks,

    I have ordered an owners manual from Moss, but in the mean time what is the correct way to lower the top. I've heard that if not done properly you will damage the top and plastic. Also when I look at Ebay and other clasifieds the tops look like they are "stuffed" down, I know that can't be good, so what are the correct steps.



    Future owner of a 1971 TR6

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    I always unzipped my rear window(if applicable). Then, unsnap all the snaps(side & underside of top).

    Obviously, you must unlock the top from the top of the windscreen.

    Next, you'll begin lowering the top....maybe a foot from the windscreen. NOW, you pull the top AWAY from the frame. Then you continue lowering the top frame all the way down. At this point the top will (more or less) be laying on the trunk(boot) lid with the side windows laying over the side.

    Now, simply fold the center portion of the top forward over the top frame & then fold the side(quarter) windows over toward the center of the car. Some people will put towels between the quarter windows & the top...this may keep the windows from getting scratched.

    Now you're ready to install the top(hood) cover...pretty straight fwd...

    All this procedure is covered in the little owners manual or the Bentley book...GET THE BENTLEY MANUAL

    BTW, if you lower the top without pulling it away from the frame...YOU WILL PINCH the quarter windows & YOU WON'T be happy!


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      Thanks Todd,

      I appreaciate the advice, and thanks for the heads up on the Bentley book, I'll order one this week.



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        Variation on the folding:

        Sometimes, I will fold the top and lower it down before folding back the frame. Hard to describe but it makes for a 'neater' looking fold.

        I do agree that unzipping the rear window and folding it first is a great idea. This keeps the rear window from getting folded up too.

        Finally I keep two small vinyl caps in the glovebox that I slide over the pins that hold the top to the windshield frame. The idea is to keep the pins from digging into the top material as the top is folded. I have thought of taking a pair of racquetballs and cutting a hole and sliding that over the pins. I guess a tennis ball would work good too.



        Correct way to lower your top




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