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New buyer....still looking for a car

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  • New buyer....still looking for a car

    Can someone tell me if there is a "popular" place to find TR6's, in other words where do you start? Is there a British classifieds site somewhere, if so I can't find it. Where are private sellers advertising their cars? Besides Hemmings, could someone point me in the right direction.

    Thanks for any help.


    PS. My first purschase should be easy in that I'm not looking for the perfect car, I would like a driver. O/D doesn't matter, top condition and interior arn't a huge concern. I just want to find a relative rust free TR6 in decent shape that I can use on nice weekends. Help a newbie out and sell me your car.....

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    Google is your friend..."TR^ for sale" would make a good start.

    Try Hemmings also. Last I saw there were like 15 for sale on ebay.


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      TRy these sites... (click on the 1982 or older)
      Any local club...actually some of the best deals will come from a local club.

      Don't be afraid to travel or for members 6-PACK offers a surrogate buyer network...people that will look at a car for you.

      Buy as much car as you can afford. Try to find a car that may have tired paint, but isn't rusty...unless you're into total restoration. Or buy a car that someone has already restored. There are plenty out there under 15K that are really NICE!

      Are there any things you're looking for in a TR6? ie: Hardtop, Overdrive, A/C, Restored, Basket case?

      Try to find some potential candidates & let us know. We might be able to help

      Cheers & good luck,

      Todd Bermudez
      So much rust, so little time

      64 TR4 Overdrive Surrey
      68 TR250 Soon to have Overdrive & Surrey
      69 TR6 Overdrive Early with fender beads
      71 TR6 Hardtop Soon to have OD
      81 TR8 Injected Automatic...the LAST Automatic


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        To follow up on what has been said:

        Check the auto jumble section on this website.
        VTR has a classified section on their website that lists cars for sale.
        VTR also has a chapters and zones section that give links to the local clubs. Many of these sites have a classified section on their sites. has many cars in their collector car section.

        Classic car dealerships can be more expensive, but you are buying from an organization that knows these cars. Their reputations are important to them and they generally disclose any known issues. Although warrantys are rare some of these dealers will be flexible to avoid hurting a customer.

        Lots of cars on ebay. Can be a risk although ebay gives you some protection against fraud. Even if you don't buy from ebay, it is entertaining and educational to read the listings to see what people say about their cars and how they represent them.

        Try not to make an offer on the first car you see. Shop. Compare. Ask the 6Pack list for help.

        Good Luck,


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          Thanks guys,

          I appreaciate all the advice. Since I am still educating myself on the TR, I'm not being real picky as to the year or options. I am open to all 6's. As stated earlier I don't want a basket case or good ole rusty, but one with a tired interior and paint would be fine, or a very nicly finished one would also work.

          I'm hoping Jim's ad for his BRG that was posted in the buy/sell may work out, but there is another buyer. The price range and condition seem to meet my checklist. On the other hand there is a car in Atlanta that's a little more money but looks very nice, and needs nothing.....except a driver.

          Thanks again for the help,



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            USE the Surrogate Buyer Program!

            Have an experienced pair of eyes look at it either with you, or for you.

            The SB program is worth expotentially many times more than the price of 6-Pack membership.


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              Hey Randy,
              Welcome aboard! I've owned three TR6's in the past, all back in the 70's and early 80's. When I decided last January to get back into owning another Triumph, I was shocked to see what even a reasonable driver was selling for on e-Bay and other places. Since I had always liked the older Spits (Mk 1-Mk 3) I narrowed my search in that area because I could find decent cars in the 2 to 3K range. I checked every Triumph Club website within a 250 mile radius and found nothing that was either decent or in my price range. So as a last ditch effort, I sent out an e-mail to all of the Triumph Clubs in that range stating what I was looking for and what I was willing to pay. Within three days a gentleman in Orlando called, had a '71 TR6 in pretty good shape, and I brought it home for 3K. The seller wasn't even in the local club, but a member of that club knew that there was a car available and connected the seller to me. So if you don't find what you're looking for close by, the e-mail to your nearby clubs may work as well for you as it did for me.


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                Thanks Ken,

                I have been searching for local clubs, looks like Georgia will be my best bet in terms of volume of cars. If you hear of anything give me a shout.



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                  Randy, I started out Like you not knowing where to look. I sought the advice of a local british car repair shop and its a relationship that has proved to be useful for all types of advice. One bit of advice the owner gave me is to look for a car that doesn't need extensive body work done mechanicals are alot cheaper to repair than body work. Repair shops often have leads or owner ads on cars for sale. Good luck and happy hunting! Dave


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                    need to sell! my loss,yout gain /[email protected]


                    New buyer....still looking for a car




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