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  • Avoid Auto Parts Giant

    Hi All,

    In the past, I have suggested a company doing business as Auto Parts Giant ( ) as a source for the aluminum TR6 brake drums. I wish to rescind my recommendation, based on both my personal experience and some feedback from other Triumph owners. My objections are as follows:

    1. If you search on the Auto Parts Giant website, parts that are not in stock or unavailable will be listed as available and in stock.

    2. If you phone Auto Parts Giant, parts that are not in stock or unavailable will be represented as available and in stock.

    3. Auto Parts Giant will charge your credit card immediately when you place your order - before they check to see if they can fill the order.

    4. Auto Parts Giant will not always tell you if they have cancelled your order (because the parts are unavailable)

    5. Auto Parts Giant will not always automatically reverse the charges on your credit card if they cancel your order (because the parts are unavailable).

    6. If you call Auto Parts Giant to inquire about your order or credit card problems, there is a good chance they will be rude to you and take weeks to reverse credit charges (if they do at all).

    I know this is supposed to be a forum about where to get parts, but I felt that I should warn you about a place NOT to get parts from.



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    Many thanks for your contribution. I for one, am always happy to receive a little forewarning before laying down some money or doing business. IMHO if the article submitted to the forum isn't political or bashing simply for personal venting, then I am thankful for any free education. Experience both good and bad should be public knowledge to the group so that we reward good vendors, and don't all get burned by the less than good ones.


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      Thanks Hugh,

      This is a valid and necessary part of an OWNER'S forum. After all if we can not look out for each other in this way who will.

      Thanks again, much appreciated.



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        A reminder:

        One of the problems with a public forum such as this is that it can become a target for liability suits, regardless of the merit of the suit, and regardless of any thoughts or views that you as an individual might have about freedom of speech.

        For that reason I would ask that anyone who posts anything negative about a vendor speak from experience and be prepared to prove their statements, or refrain from posting.

        In addition, we expect you please be professional and courteous, no matter how high your feelings are running.

        See the announcement and the sticky at the top of the forum if this is in any way unclear.

        With that said, I don't see anything much wrong with the posting Hugh made as it is written. I'm going to keep the thread around, but lock it.
        I'm really not that interesting...


        Avoid Auto Parts Giant




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