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Four legged rear axle hub puller required

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  • Four legged rear axle hub puller required

    Hi, does anybody know where to purchase/buy a
    four legged rear axle hub puller.

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    Last time I tried to pull rear axle hubs we had to cut them off, 100 ton press would not budge them, then an old triumph guy told they never come apart, just my$.02


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      The rear hubs do come apart - but not easily. This is primairlily due to the tapered axel shaft fit into the hub itself. Some serious shop tools can be needed to get this done. Unfortunately, they are also not serviceable by many garages either. Very often they get butchered by folks that don't have the tools or knowedge to do the job correctly. When I say butchered, I mean that they are so compromised by the disassembly process that they become a safety risk.

      If you need your hubs rebuilt, I can suggest 3 options:

      a.) Get them rebuilt by a specialist.
      b.) Buy rebuilt hubs and exchange your old hubs.
      c.) Buy good used hubs.

      There was a Churchill hub puller made for this job. One went for >$600 on ebay recently. Seeing what it took to get mine apart, the elbow grease requirement for the hub puller must be enormous. Some folks have posed drawings for hub pullers on this site. They would be able to answer better than me as to how well the pullers work.



      Four legged rear axle hub puller required




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