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Father's Day Drive

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  • Father's Day Drive

    i've been somewhat remiss in re driving to and fro in PD, first because it was too cold, then because of salt on the roads, then because it was too hot. well, yesterday, as goldilocks would say, was just right.

    loaded His Highness into PD with a leash attached and tied around my seatbelt stalk thing and off we went. the first time i took Himself for a ride He ended up on the luggage rack at about 50 mph; i was a bit more attentive to the length of His lead this time, although i might mention it was a bit difficult to steer, shift, and hold His lead all at the same time...especially when He espied a cow (or horse or squirrel or jogger or sheep or goat or lamb or chicken or, well, anything that moved).

    last year i had PB rebuild my carbs and i adjusted the valves at some point in the past months; PD ran like a swiss sewing machine. just amazing how smooth with no dead spots or hesitation. like tupelo honey, honey.

    anyway, that was a fun ride. we even stopped to visit with His Lordship's girlfriend (a cocker spaniel named Lucy) and had a beer with an old friend.

    happy belated father's day to all of you so situated gentlemen.

    "PD" - 1973 Mallard TR6

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    Thanks for the mention, Tad.
    Driving a 1973 TR6
    Doing ZS carb repairs
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      I had a good Father's Day weekend drive Saturday night. Like you said, the weather here was perfect that evening so we put the top down and drove up through the cruising traffic from the huge Back to the 50s car show (we were alongside a beautiful Galaxie 500 for about a mile) then out to the open road for a while and an ice cream stop. I often have my top up during the day because of a tendency to sunburn quick (and past melanoma), so it's cool to be able to really enjoy a top-down drive when the weather is just right.
      Bill Connell
      1969 TR6 CC28790
      TR6 project log
      St. Paul MN


      Father's Day Drive




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