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Would anyone in their right mind use this?

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  • Would anyone in their right mind use this?

    Getting towards setting the internal timing of my engine…;

    So I started opening up the timing kit that I received a few weeks ago and was disappointed to find the crank gear appears to have been bouncing around in the back of someone’s pickup truck for several years.

    Obviously this is frustrating and my question is, given what you can see in the photos I’m posting would you reuse the original and send the new one back.


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    The new gears keyway isn’t square, the teeth are rough, the top and bottom faces are dinged up whereas the original has some wear on the load side of the teeth but there is plenty of material there and the tops of the teeth are nowhere near worn to a point.

    I was thinking I’d ask my machine shops opinion too but they are closed today and I wont be able to get there for a day or two.

    The cam gear actually looks pretty good and I’ll test fit the chain on the original gear to see how it looks but I’m not sure if that will tell me anything.

    Thanks in advance!


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    No. And I would guess the metal itself as suspect.
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      Where did the timing kit come from?
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      • Charlie(74)
        Charlie(74) commented
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        BPNW, part number is CTKTR6.

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      This is frustrating, and getting too common. On this part, I could probably overlook lousy surface finish if I had some assurance of material quality and accurate dimensions. Neither of these is trivial to assess, but my confidence wouldn't be high.

      I think I'd consider reusing the original, or finding a better replacement. On replacements, about the only practical guide you have is price.

      For just a little more, you can do it yourself!


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        Thanks guys. I’m leaning on reusing the original but I think on Tuesday I’ll take the whole thing to the machinist and ask him too. At least he’s going to be able to handle all of it and examine it from different angles and hopefully give an opinion…
        this stinks…


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          I would contact BPNW for a replacemnt. They are pretty good at customer service. I sourced my timing gears/chain from them in 2015 and the parts were excellent IMHO.
          CF1634U+O Pimento/Chestnut
          2nd owner, since 1975
          Now in Fair Oaks, CA


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            Thanks Baws. I’ll call them after I speak to the machine shop. The rest of the kit looks ok but the cam gear was pretty dirty and where they cut the teeth there was a fair amount of residual metal behind. I’m in the process of cleaning it up but it feels just as beefy (i should compare them by actual weight). The chain is a Rolon made in India. The gears are both etched with an Arrow logo but there is no provenance…

            Happy Fathers Day everyone!



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              I hear BPNW (Leighton?) is grear with Customer service.

              Might even send a replacement before sending yours back.....
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              Would anyone in their right mind use this?




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