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Brake Servo - Malfunctioning Replacement

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  • Brake Servo - Malfunctioning Replacement

    Installed a new brake servo that I have had on the shelf for a few years-probably close to 8-10 years. The factory original that it replaced was working fine, no issues, however it is forty years old and I didn't have an excuse not to put on the new one and get the original rebuilt for a spare.
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    After installation the brake pedal has about an inch of play before you can feel the brakes start to grab, but the pedal goes to the floor before the brakes actually stop the car. Previously I had very little pre-travel and the brakes when applied - the pedal went only about half way down. In fact the brakes were so were tight so that if I stood on them...I could smoke all four tires. Now with the pedal all the way to the floor, the car stops but no lockups. Braking distance is increased.

    Observations: When the car is not running the pedal is tight and cannot be pushed to the floor. You cannot "pump them up" as you would normally do with a manual brake bleed. I have ez-bleeders on the car and the system is bled.

    When the ignition is on the rear brake lights are on.

    Thoughts- vacuum related? What can I check? Mechanical assembly incorrect?

    All pads brakes and drums are relatively new and I am not using the larger rear brake cylinders often installed.

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    Couple of thoughts...Is it possible the adjustable servo hydraulic push rod in the unit you replaced is not properly adjusted ?. Haynes provides a discussion. Could brake light issue be just related to switch malfunction or mis-adjustment ?


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      Thanks for the reply. I'll check the Haynes for the hydraulic push rod adjustment. I wasn't aware that there is an adjustment required/available. I just performed an in place swap. The brake switch was operable before and operated normally. It was not touched during the install.

Brake Servo - Malfunctioning Replacement




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