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Stainless Steel Sport Exhaust from Moss (installation hints)

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  • Stainless Steel Sport Exhaust from Moss (installation hints)

    A couple of months ago, I ordered a new exhaust system from Moss (860-271). I have just completed a Nissan diff conversation (from GoodParts) which required cutting the original (44 year-old) mild steel exhaust system out of the car. I was excited to see this new system in the Moss catalog because I wanted a system that was "split" (3 cylinders left, 3 cylinders right) all the way to the rear of the car. But I didn't want a "free-flow" (Monza) system because they are louder than I want to be. The resulting sound of this new system is exactly what I wanted. It is slightly louder than stock, but not much. And the "note" is fantastic. At 3000 rpm the throaty tone of the system is just what a British Sports Car should sound like, in my opinion. Going through tunnels in the mountains of East Tennessee has a new joy to it.

    However, getting the system mounted threw me a couple of curves, so I am posting this in hopes of assisting others. First, the mounting kit that Moss recommends for this exhaust (860-275) is totally wrong. It comes with 6 mild steel u-bolt clamps in 3 different sizes. You only need one size clamp for all 6 connections on this system -- all 1 3/4". Second, why would you put mild steel clamps on a $700 Stainless Steel exhaust system? Third, I found out that "band clamps" work much better than u-bolt clamps for several reasons.

    Reason 1 - Ground clearance. Our cars are very low to the ground and the exhaust system is the lowest part of the car in several places. A u-bolt clamp with the ears pointed down will take an additional inch of clearance. And if you hit something abrupt with the clamp it's going to be ugly. A band clamp can be installed with the bolt going up the side of the pipe which means the clam adds virtually no additional height to the connection.

    Reason 2 - removability. One advantage to a S.S. system is that it is somewhat easier to remove if you ever need to work on the drive shaft, diff, etc. But if you squeeze it together with u-bolt clamps, the resulting valley caused by the narrow u-bolt will make it almost impossible to separate the two pipe pieces later. A band clamp spreads its pressure over a wider area which doesn't creating a "valley." I coated the connection surfaces with high-temperature gasket paste (Permatex #27036 Grey Optimum) before assembly, then tightened a S.S. band clamp (Moss part #412-027) on the first and second connections (counting back from the manifold). For the third connection (pipe to muffler), I used a S.S. u-bolt clamp because it also needs to grab a hanger bracket attached by rubber strap to the frame near the rear shock. At this connection the ears of the u-bolt clamp will not hang lower than the muffler itself, so it doesn't affect ground clearance.

    The Moss catalog says the system uses "the standard support for the TR6" but it needs some tweaking. For example, if you try to use the standard bracket (see photo on the flag) from the rear of the transmission, the pipes will touch the lower "T-shirt" plate as they pass through the frame. I made a new bracket that is 1/2 inch shorter and that lifted the pipes enough to clear the frame. At the tail pipes, the system has two welded tabs, but the car, of course, only has a bracket on the left side (and it is too far outboard to work on this system). So I made two brackets out of 1/8" x 3/4" aluminum stock that wrap around the round transverse tube at the rear of the frame (see photo). This holds the tailpipes very firmly and I was happy to find that I get no exhaust vibrations in the cockpit.

    I'm no master mechanic, and I'm sure something I did here is not "kosher," but it seems to work great. And I love the new sound! Several people have told me the sound will even get more mellow with use. Guess I better put some miles on it!
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    Nicely done mister. Gotta get my ANSA system installed
    So much rust, so little time

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      Agreed - downward-pointing U-clamps can be a curse - I have dragged them on uneven pavement. Worse was one time I came across a large fresh (fully 3-dimensional) dead raccoon in the middle of the roadway. Rather then squish it, I straddled it, and it snagged on one of the U-bolts for long enough to bounce around off the bottom of the car for a few seconds. When I got home I hit the underside with a hose without looking too closely. When I replaced the exhaust I used band clamps, which are superior in every way (except cost, but worth it).
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      Stainless Steel Sport Exhaust from Moss (installation hints)




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