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Determining correct ignition switch.

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  • Determining correct ignition switch.

    I have a 1976 TR6 CF53145 for North American market.

    The wire to the anti run-on was burned some time ago. But it may be affecting the other wires in the ignition switch. I tried to identify the switch and called Roadster Factory. They were not helpful and only told me they have 8 different switches. I told them the year, and he said there are 4 different ones. I needed the part number or things like color codes, etc. but I am not near the car. In the past, I have found them much more helpful.

    Mine has the round stitch with a short harness and a white 5 pin plug. It does have the wire for anti run-on, although that wire is burn and not connected to anything. (I do not plan to replaceing the main wiring harness just to make that work.)

    Are there really that many for this year, and can that be sufficient info to identify the switch I need?

    Many thanks,
    Clark Gregory,
    Columbia, SC

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    Moss has some nice actual pictures of the switches...maybe you can identify a replacement.
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      Thanks for the reply.

      I see listings out there listed as 4 wires, 5 wires, 6 wires. It looks like some have pigtails and some without.

      In looking further, it looks like the 5 & 6 wire are the same, just two wires from the switch that go to one pin on the 5-pin connector. And I think the 4 wire is pre 1976 and maybe pre 1975 and does not have the wire to the anti-run-on. I have no idea what the ones without a pigtail are.

      Was able to find a part no on the switch, but not one listed in the Roadster Factory blue book, so I called and they said they had mine, but it was one of the ones not shown.

      I would think somewhere out there on the internet there would be a list of all of these switches and what the differences are or where they are used.

      Moss only showed two and the one with a 5-pin connector was out of stock, but I later found it on another page on their site through a different search it did show it in stock – go figure!.

      Anyway, here’s hoping RTF is sending the correct one.



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        These ignition switches were used accross wide range of vehicles during the 70's and 80's. The part in my 85 XJ6 is "exactly the same, but different" as they say.
        I have a couple of extra Jag switches that may work if the TRF unit doesn't pan out.
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          You should be fine with the five pin switch. I think the 5th pin is for the anti run valve power. Even though you don’t plan to use the anti run it should be plug and play

          Where is the burned wire? Is it between the switch and the five pin connector? Or on the main harness connecting to the five pin?

          Be sure you are not going to melt something else when you install the new switch.


          Determining correct ignition switch.




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