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    Hello I am looking at installing sound deadner in my car while it is apart.
    I see that Moss motors has this Hushmat kit.
    Has anybody used this stuff?
    My concern is the transmission tunnel.
    When I restored my car I fixed the cardboard tunnel by washing any oil off with solvent.
    I then painted both sides with a heavy coat of polyurethane paint.
    I am wondering if the Hushmat will stick to the painted surface.
    I plan on doing the inside of the tunnel so the Hushmat will not interfere with the carpet.

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    I would scuff the paint with a scuff pad to take all the shiny off and then wipe it down with brake clean or thinner.take a heat gun or hair dryer and heat the cover and the hush mat up to help it bend to the cover.I would also get a roller to help bound it to the surface.Also i would check if somebody else might be cheaper like Eastwood or Summit


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      I used Frost King duct insulation in the boot area, inside the doors and the cabin side of the trans tunnel. You can get it at Lowes and maybe Home Depot. I wanted something inexpensive that would peel up easily if needed.


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        Good Lord - It's Scott!! Where you been, man?

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      If you are concerned about fitting the dash support console with the insulation on the top side of the gearbox cover, well, just trim away the insulation where the dash support console resides.
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        Hi Byron.

        After being a little shocked by the price of Hushmat, I went with Noico brand sound deadening, available on There are several quantity options available.

        Noico 80 mil 36 sqft car Sound deadening mat:

        I also recommend getting the Roller they sell with it.

        Noico Metal Barrel Roller Installation Tool:

        Having compared the Noico brand product with a piece of Hushmat, I cannot see any difference in construction or quality.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	2016-10-08 17.43.52.jpg Views:	0 Size:	612.4 KB ID:	529194

        This butyl type of mat is optimized for sound deadening, though it is beneficial for heat suppression too. For the transmission tunnel (I have an aftermarket poly-tunnel) I elected to use insulation that is optimized for heat suppression, rather than noise suppression. I used an insulation which looks like very substantial bubble-wrap that is lined with a foil on both sides, which I decided to apply on the top-surface. I just stuck it on with contact-adhesive spray, having cut it to size, and taped the joints with aluminum HVAC tape.

        As Walt says above, I left a small amount where the dash-support fits uncovered. No issues with fit.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	2016-09-28 17.12.00.jpg Views:	0 Size:	528.6 KB ID:	529195
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          Good to be back, BB.

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          What quantities of both sound deadening and heat suppression mat did you buy?

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          markdex - I ordered the Noico 50 mil 25 sqft car sound deadening mat. That was enough for the floorpans, firewall and inner door skins. I had enough left over to also do the inner door skins of my '66 Ford F-100 Truck.

          Remember - you do not need to cover every square inch of a panel in this matting in order to achieve very effective sound deadening. A comparatively small amount will dampen a panel.

          I obtained about a 3' x 5' length of the heat-suppression insulation material, and that was way more than I needed.
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        I did mine about 10 years ago now. Still quite happy with the results:
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          I used the Noico as well. Totally happy with it and much more reasonable cost-wise.


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            Originally posted by SapphireBlue72 View Post
            If you are concerned about fitting the dash support console with the insulation on the top side of the gearbox cover, well, just trim away the insulation where the dash support console resides.
            Or apply it to the bottom like I did. Still firmly attached after almost 10 years.
            I72 Pimento w/overdrive


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              I used FatMat - can't remember from where I bought it - likely Moss. I installed on floors, the parcel shelf, inside the door skins and on the underside of the tranny tunnel. I have a fiberglass tunnel of unknown provenance, but I cleaned it up and degreased with detergent, scuffed the surface with sandpaper, and a final wipe down with isopropanol, then stuck on the FatMat. That was ~8 years ago, and nothing has come loose. Lining the tunnel underside makes fitting the dash support, carpet, underlay etc much easier. When it's underneath and out of sight/mind, it ceases to be a factor, but still does its job.
              Dave C
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                I used this product on mine
                Click image for larger version

Name:	745ED637-76CE-45FC-AB8A-BA9D92A5774E.jpeg
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Size:	1.83 MB
ID:	529321
                Derek M
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                Sound Deadner




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