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The Lobby
Enjoy the blog this week with Wild Cherry, Play that funky music

I am a bachelor as of 6am Saturday morning – the girls headed out in the Rav to Florida for a week at condo – all girls. Should be a great week for them. I have a basil carcinoma surgery scheduled for Tuesday – just a little blemish on the cheek – stay out of the sun, is my finger point this morning. Or, at least keep the block on.
I’ll do what I can this week to get by. Bear with furniture is most likely the forecast. Feel a bit sad for our new adopted dog, Daisy – very much momma’s sidekick. Laying on the couch now, napping. Otherwise, house is good, business is good, and keeping the girls and their travel on my mind.

Whats new
Headed to friend Robert’s today to shoot my windshield frame. I had my windshield tinted – you might not know you could do that, but they will lightly tint, which helps with UV on the dash. They missed a spot, so taking that back for a redo. My windshield rubber is in, so looking forward to getting that all together again. My dash is laid out in parts all over the dining room table. I took my finished gear knob to my wood turning meeting this week – show and tell, and I won a door prize – 25 dollar gift certificate, which I’ll use to by some knob blanks. I’ll also pop over to the wood shop to volunteer today – 3rd Saturday’s are open house, so I get to use their stuff for free

I have 2 new tires, mounted – dropped from 60 profile down to 55 profile on very nice Michelin Pilot Sports. Side by side, they are noticeable shorter – I hope I don’t get too much in the RPM with this change. This will push me to swap that diff out for my gathering dust r200B in the corner of the garage. Per Sure Shot Collision, my car should be done mid August. Might have shared that last week. Even late August will put me in full thrash on that roller to get it road worthy for Lexington, KY in September. Or Round Rock – and other stuff around Texas. .

Did you put gas in your car? Go do that, even if it’s a gallon.

The Wax
I’ve chatted up the diminishing areas of support for a vintage car. A retired or expired mechanic. Hard to find parts, and even fluids. I went to Oreilly Auto last year – it was before VTR, and that was August – looking for 30 weight Non Detergent. Gone. The world is 0-20 now, and synthetic. Autozone, same thing. Napa had it, and it was funny why they did. Per the desk, they kept it for the machine guys who needed it lube equipment. I mean, even online was hard to find. Helping a new owner this week, he couldn’t find GL4 for his A overdrive 70 car. Should we start hording?

We talked tires and 15 inch rims a few blogs back. Well, I didn’t run into that issue this week with my new Michelins, but I did bump into some of the commerce challenges we are facing with the virtual stores like Amazon. If you didn’t know, you can buy tires from Walmart online. In that store, you have endless selections of rubber. If you go to the store, and ask for a specific tire, you think they will order it and it will show up there in a week. No. The store has their own supply chain. The hope was, buy online, take them to the store and have them mount their Walmart sold tires. They even told me that. Until I got there. Oh – um, sir these are not the same size tire. And then, “where’s the car?” All I had in the back of my daily driver were 2 new tires, and 2 old tires on those rims. You could sense this short circuiting – does not compute pondering, and after a chat with some guy inside – they decided they would install them….for another 10 a tire. Wow. I could have been the jerk and argued them into doing it, but it wasn’t worth it, so I left and went my local shop who also does tire installations. Done.

I can’t see into that future of what we will need in 5 years – stuff we could be hording now, but I can see enough into to plan for oil changes and routine maintenance. Over the next 5-10, we should expect better components, and better driving conditions hopefully. As I typed that, all I could imagine were roads falling apart across the nation.

Tech: Touch up paint
Throwback. 72 car wreck Epilogue

Tech: touch up paint
You know that feeling when you find a gold nugget? Or figure something out that makes you take that deep breath? That happened this week with an aftermarket sprayer rig sold at my local Sherwin Williams. In my store, maybe yours too, on an endcap, were small box packages of this spray paint system designed to allow you to put paint in the bottom glass jug, screw the top on, and with a compressed cannister rig on top, smaller than a can of rattle, spray whatever you put in the glass jar. A tiny, disposable spray system. 8 dollars. The compressed cannister will expire. You replace that for 5 dollars.

Preval is the name. So I google it. Sherwin Williams just decided to sell it- and it doesn’t look like a nationwide thing, which is why I said, it may be in your local store. If not, Amazon sells it. And here is the Amazon link, to keep this simple.

This is a 2 pack. Probably the way I’ll go as I spray my engine bay. I was teed up to buy a detail sprayer, get a compressor, figure out how to manage moisture…..all that stuff painters do in their sleep. Now, with leftover paint from the shop, I can throw that stuff in my preval jug, and lay it down in my engine bay. Deep breath. Gold nugget.

Good luck.


We have these points along the car journey that define us – brings us together, separates us, at the same time. I am at a point with my second TR6 that I would not have foreseen a year ago. Last year, July, I was readying my tired white car for VTR in Oklahoma. Decent tune, fresh oil, and running some autocross. Door panels that had pulled way from the mounts on the bottom and other cosmetic stuff I just ignored. Today I am nitpicking the little things, prepping for a car to come back from a paint shop, new color, and all with significant changes. Those ratty door panels may be burned in a ceremony in my outdoor fire pit, replaced with lovely BobbyD versions. Today I am the guy that a year ago, would have talked to, but would have gone on with what I thought were more important priorities, like putting gas in a white patina hard top TR6

When we get together, we are so kind to each other, but we secretly get pretty passionate about our own stuff. That’s good, and its even better when we steal an idea, or we all clammer to something. The scuttle vent comes to mind here, as at least 3 of us are prepping for this conversion of the late 72 thru 76, the top of that hole had a plastic vent. The early cars, flip up, metal, painted body color, protecting from rain, and while up, providing some nice air flow thru those vents while driving on a hot day. We are served by this community, and inspired to follow some rules, but also, go somewhat rogue in our personalization. I don’t see as much abstract today as I used to, and I think that comes from the level of communication we have now. Sure, you see a variety of fog lamps and placement, but besides wheels and tires, we tend to be a little more constant in the body work and fitment. And even when we see something unique, sometimes that becomes a standard, like a USB connection somewhere, like the ashtray. The armrest if my best example here – that was non existent a few years back – a very common piece now, and looks stock, and for those with it, a nice addition to this interior.

I thought a year ago, I would just drive my car, in patina white, and handle upgrades and changes along the way. I had no intention of really cleaning up my engine bay. I might have gotten around to finishing out my trunk. Today, I will be drunk for months on getting this car sorted, and shocking. My wreck on January 12th of this year, was a game changer. Holistic.

Throwback. More on the 1985 wreck of the 72 car
There are core throwbacks that recycle here, and in my head. I’ve chatted my collision of the stunt car in 1985, but what I didn’t share, given the size of this blog, were the days that followed, including selling it wrecked to Hans Preen. So, here is some scattershooting on the final days of that car with us.

Super quick synopsis of that wreck. July 4th eve, 2am, 1985. I’m leave a Bar, not drunk, had worked until 1230 at my bartending job, and met some friends in Dallas. Tired, I am at a light, and get hit hard in the rear by a drunk in a pickup. He gives me his info, flees the scene. I’m to in shock to tackle him, or think this won’t go well later. With the cop, we load the 6, I panic, and tell the to take it to The Buckingham Service. I didn’t know where else to go with it.

Harry Warner, owner of the Buckingham Service stores this car for 2 weeks, no charge, as we wrestle with insurance – State Farm paying 22 an hour, Harry charging 30. We pull the car from his shop, take it to a State Farm recommended shop. They work on it for a day, before we say, nope, stop, and we have the car towed back home. Fed up and frustrated, we take the settlement, and decide to sell it wrecked. A simple classified brought some interest, including a young guy and his friend, who pay us and get ready to pick it up. Until his dad finds out, and they show up and politely ask us to cancel the transaction. My dad was great in this situation – if they ask for all the money back, lets give it to them, but let them offer first. And they did – what will it take to cancel? And we asked – what do you think is fair – and the offered 100 for our trouble. Fine – so, the left, and we still had a bent 72 TR6 in the garage.

Then one day, I get a call from a guy with a light german accent. Asking the standard questions. Not chatty – just simple back and forth. He asked if he could come look at it. Sure. A day later, door bell rings, and standing there is Hans and a young lady. They both look like models – Hans in a black leather jacket. Thru the house, to the garage, Hans looking, asking simple questions. Leaves, and then makes the offer – I think we were still asking 1K, and got 3K on the settlement, and this seemed like a win in 1985. We figured we had spent easily 10k over the years on all the stuff we did to it, but to get away from that seemed like a good move for us and me at the time.

Hans has it towed to a shop, they check compression, and this team of mechanics are all over the car, me wincing, wondering what they might find, like that leaky number 2 cylinder. Nope – all good, and at that point, the car was gone. Hans is still in Dallas, runs a popular German repair shop, Auto Hans, near Addison Airport, and the last we chatted, he had done a lot of work to the car, and ended up selling it to someone in California. If any of my California friends are reading this, and recognize Han’s name, please let me know. As much as I was ready to rid myself of that ride, I do miss it. So many great memories in it – and as shocking as that night was, July 4th, 2am, its not a painful memory, and a few great lessons learned.

That’s enough for today. See you on down the road,

Thank you for caring for your Triumph TR6. Lets also thank those considering one. This is a great mark for young and old. This mark is blessed with an amazing network development, parts, owners, experts and car availability. A TR6 helps people everyday, lifting spirits, bringing smiles. A TR6 brings happiness to the father and son at the repair shop. Please start your car with it out of gear and foot off the clutch to save your thrust washers – they struggle with oiling at start up. Please pop your hood and have a good look around the engine bay. Please put fresh gas in your car each week, even if just 1 gallon. Please have good insurance, and review your policy regularly. And please drive your 6 defensively, as if it was a 4 wheeled Harley.

And remember. Smile when you drive, and whenever possible, take a kid driving.

Please join me and the journey here:

I am the steward of CF50460UO, born September 1975 with current paint code 19 and 11 black interior. Nicknamed “the school car”, is now over 100K in miles, in the paint shop, moving to Cayman Blue Mica 2 stage paint. I am the 3rd steward. Car was delivered with original hard top and factory overdrive. Current upgrades include Volvo overdrive gearing, König Rewind 16x7 rims, Falken 205s, 4Runner calipers and 7/8 rear wheel cylinders. Poolboy carbs, FlexAlite electric fan, Patton Machine Fan Eliminator, Pertronix ignitor ignition, TR5 cam, pacesetter header, 70amp Lucas direct fit alternator, Silverstar Halogen headlights, WBC blueprinted oil pump, Bastuck 9LB flywheel, Goodparts suspension on all 4 corners, Goodparts sway bar, Goodparts trailing arm brackets, Uprated Armstrong lever shocks with cycle fork oil, JVC audio with 4 speakers, high torque starter, solid state Rheostat, pending LED dash gauges. Adding Vietnam bumpers, flip up scuttle vent, hidden antenna, window tint, custom gear knob, and several more bits

My to do list
New carpet, new panels, custom dash.
r200B diff with goodparts cv joints and hubs
fresh head with roller rockers.
At some point, a fresh motor with lightened crank, cam bearings,
Hard top inside insulation, and dome light.
Oh, and AC.