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The Lobby
Enjoy the blog this week with Pink Floyd, Comfortably Numb BBMcGM&index=19

I got on a Pink Floyd kick last weekend. I do what I can to bring that era music to the blog, peppering all this jibber jabber with the background of what might have been on the radio, or an album some of us might have listened too. I’ve talked about Run Like Hell in a throwback before, how that song is burnt into me on a dusk drive one Friday back in the day, all my dash lights working, all my signals working, all my lights working – on this winding part of Josey Lane, headed to Turner Hardware, best I can remember. Today, this album gets some love on the thumb drive.

So, this past week was eventful. I now have a brand new AC system, inside and out. No more mcgiver. That country part of me that wants to duct tape stuff for a few years, rather than improve now, and enjoy later. The penalty of age and crotchetiness. Family is good, life is good, school is out, so we now get into that chaos of summer travel, a vacation weekend here and there, and other stuff that moves so fast that its October before we realize we didn’t get to the lake with Dan and his lovely cobalt boat on Texoma.

Whats new
This will be a chaos of thoughts. Much to summarize here. I have a radio solution – loose marine wire that will dangle into that fender well opening. I asked the shop to shoot truck bedliner between the fenders – inner and outer, if for nothing else, to knock down noise, but mostly to protect for any moisture that might still get into that cavity. Remember I am going off script on replacing my scuttle with the early pop up vent to grab air at speed, but mostly to seal up that rain hole.

The shop is shooting cut-in stuff – around the doors, and jams, the trunk lids, and so forth. So, we are getting close. Lots of last minute – oh wait, did we remember this or that?
And I’m now in the middle of my dash build. I have a jig made to keep it as flat as possible for the pour on epoxy resin.

Did you put gas in your car? Go do that, even if it’s a gallon.

The Wax

I’ve used this segment to pretend I don’t have an energy agenda, but at some point, my colors come thru and I stand there like a peacock. I’ll have more on this toxic stuff later, but I thought I would shift gears this week, and use the next few to talk about the fears and hurdles of this mark. A few months ago, I took what I thought was a good list of stuff to knock down the pain and share what I see, and have done with my car, along with others, to help a new or potential steward get into the mark – this list of things you don’t have to worry about anymore. Well, that’s nice, but in the end, there is some pain somewhere. So, lets use these next few weeks to sort out all the threats to this mark.

I guess the best platform is to follow the previous one where I simply went front bumper to back bumper, and talk about items that we still need to concern ourselves with. Also, some talking points of the downside of some of the upgrades. And, in this somewhere are things not on the car, like fuel blends, which are the closest thing to kryptonite this car will see. So lets get started. This week. The front engine seal.

I could talk both seals, and I’ll probably blend this over to save words and space. I like to think a TR6 can be drip free. Everyone laughs when I say that. It can be, and we have solved a lot of those problems. But for now, our crank seals and mounts are modest at best. First, our cranks tend to grind valleys in where the seal connects – this isn’t anything new for any seal of this style and generation. And when I say valley, I’m talking a few thousands of an inch – barely noticeable to the eye or fingernail. But our seal plates could have used some additional design and improvement. And the bottom seal area is a mess – and delicate, to the point where nuts get stripped, and this maintenance tends to never fully solve this leak, albeit tiny most of the time. Danger to the motor? No, but the servicing of this is that bit of pain that most leave it until other major work comes along. There are some slight improvements – better plate for example, of steel and slightly better sealing, but I have yet to see a 6 fully stable in this area.

Up next week, main bearings and the cause of that sexy note at 2500 or so.

Tech: Viton
The 6-pack Connection
Throwback. TR6 Chorus

Tech: Viton
A few months back, I get in a chat with cheftush, who we all know and love. I like to think I have this direct line to him for some chatter here and there. Its more likely chef being chef – always there to help me or anyone. Such an easy guy to talk to, and just a great sounding board for me and this blog. Anyway, back to this point – I have a J overdrive, like many. One of the minor leaks any J overdrive owner will have is in the service plate on the bottom. This plate has a simple, old school fiber gasket. I mean, motor oil, gear oil, whatever – doesn’t matter how much you torque down that plate – which you shouldn’t do – its never going to properly seal as that gasket soaks, then leaks thru a little. So, I start looking at getting silicone material and cutting my own gasket. I have this fancy formed silicone….whatever…under my valve cover – I love that thing. No mess, no adhesive – I can pull that thing each day, and button it up, no worries.

In this search, I get on this site that measures the effectiveness of materials, and silicone for automotive sealing is kinda down on this list – bottom half, actually. Above it are all these sexy materials, most of which are not cost effective. But one, Viton, is effective. And chef and I start chatting using Viton to make gaskets to replace this service plate mess. With my car in the shop, I park this effort, until last weekend. A D6 breakfast, JD shows a viton sending unit gasket. Wow – so the word has spread, the makers have listened and stepped up – a gasket we may never have to service again. Today, at harbor freight, I find Viton o rings – a kit of various sizes, including some that fit our Stromberg plugs on the bottom. How about that – 2 new improvements to our fuel leak issues. D6 Robert Berry, then finds just the ones for the carbs – a pack of 25, at 9 dollars.

So, Viton. Is a nice material, and will serve us in other ways in the near future – hopefully with my J overdrive service plate too!
For reference, here are the links to those pieces, if you need them:

Viton sending unit gasket from BPNW:
The harbor freight kit for the carb O Rings
the amazon pack of 25 for the carbs O Rings:

Good luck.

6-Pack connection
I never write much about it, but the connection runs deeper than just where I host this bag of nothingness. A member there long before this blog started, I use the site and crowd as home base, although I am not on there daily like I used to be. That has been replaced with facebook and surfing like wandering around Walmart, instead of a single store, if that makes sense. But this site is important, and I want to connect a few things for this crowd, so that it at least makes a little more sense to me.

Besides this blog, I, along with a few others, host 2 facebook groups – D6: The Dallas TR6 Group, and Triumph TR6. Both are hashtagged, d6tr6 and #triumphtr6, although the latter gets picked up for more than just the facebook group. D6 was a first effort to get enough people together for a 6-pack chapter, which we did, and stalled when we were asked to get a VTR chapter to oversee us. I think this is an insurance thing, or it could go deeper than that for formality. Over time, D6 grew, and outgrew the local Triumph Club, and now is, oddly, has a worldwide presence. The Triumph TR6 group, mirrors 2 others with the same title. But I want to share the intent of both of these 2 groups. Both see themselves connected to 6-pack, regardless of any formal affiliation. I don’t need a document or stamp somewhere to say that we formally recognize this or that. This site and group have helped me way beyond what I can in giving back, and this is simply, a way of recognizing them. I like to think all members of 6-pack should be members of d6tr6 and #triumphtr6, and vice versa. This isn’t about stealing or replacing. Its about complimenting. Face it. A TR6 steward is on any of this for support. I don’t care where they get it, as long as the audience is strong enough to support them, and I know 6P is that and then some.

As we continue forward, this will continue to be the theme for me, and these groups. I hope through this blog, you find these 3 in your facebook groups and are active at all 3.

Throwback. Resonance
Julius Abellera, the California TR6 legend, shared a video of his car and another at speed, engine note singing together. That took me back, and I wanted to share a short blog of some of that from my memories when I had the 72 stunt car.

I’ve mentioned many TR6s around me when I had that sled. Many is a strong word. But small town Kinston had, and just guessing here, probably 10-15 of them in town. Not uncommon to see 2 of them pass one another. That must made me chuckle. Like omg – really? Hundreds of ford LTDs rolling around, along with farm trucks, and amazingly, 2 TR6s pass and its an event. I strike up a friendship with a 73 owner, Mike, who was out of high school, and unsure of what he did for work – maybe nothing, and lived near this park that we all hung out at night, Fairfield, and on weekends. Think of Als from Happy Days, but no food. Plenty of beer, but no food. Saturdays, no beer, but hanging around the park, and on one Saturday, I am at the park, with Mike, and another white 71 pulls up – with the cool bumper add on, whatever that is called. 3 TR6s, during production, at the park, talking our cars. And then a java green one comes up – not the one that tried to start a fight with me, Richard and Kurt – some other fellow. 4 TR6s now. And since there isn’t much to do in Kinston except cruise on a Saturday, we do just that.

I can’t speak for the other owners, but I can say this. I never expected this to be that much fun. 4 TR6s pull away, and going maybe 20 -30 down Greenbriar, to Stockton, and over to Cambridge. This was the cruising loop – ran around the Kinston Country Club. 4 TR6s, at the same note, shifting gears. We all understand a single clap is just that, but in a stadium, its this massive noise. Yeah, that effect – hard to explain, but as a TR6 – Im sure any car with a nice note – get together, and in the same rhythm, amplify and the noise is glorious. Mike up front, White 71 in front of me, and the java behind me. All in line, and all TR6s singing along.

I hope we can reproduce this again with our cars at our meets – its one of the little things that Julius brings up that is this hidden gem to this mark. A TR6 is a lovely sound. TR6s singing together, is a glorious memory.

Have a great weekend.

That’s enough for today
Thank you for caring for your Triumph TR6, and a special thanks to those considering one. Owning this car isn’t scary and you have an amazing network around to help you. Your TR6 helps people around you, without even knowing it. You bring happiness to crossing guard at the local elementary. Please start your car with it out of gear and foot off the clutch to save your thrust washers. Please pop your hood and have a good look around the engine bay. Please put fresh gas in your car each week, even if just 1 gallon. Please have good insurance, and review your policy today. And please drive your 6 defensively, as if it was a 4 wheeled Harley.

And I always say. Smile when you drive, and whenever possible, take a kid driving.

See you on down the road,

L.O Guvna

You can find more of the blogs here:

and follow the local antics here in D6

I am the steward of CF50460UO, born September 1975 with current paint code 19 and 11 black interior. Nicknamed “the school car”, is now over 100K in miles, in the paint shop, moving to Cayman Blue Mica 2 stage paint. I am the 3rd steward. Car was delivered with original hard top and factory overdrive. Current upgrades include Volvo overdrive gearing, Konig Rewind 16x7 rims, Falken 205s, 4Runner calipers and 7/8 rear wheel cylinders. Poolboy carbs, FlexAlite electric fan, Patton Machine Fan Eliminator, Pertronix ignitor ignition, TR5 cam, pacesetter header, 70amp Lucas direct fit alternator, Silverstar Halogen headlights, WBC blueprinted oil pump, Bastuck 9LB flywheel, Goodparts suspension on all 4 corners, Goodparts sway bar, Goodparts trailing arm brackets, Uprated Armstrong lever shocks with cycle fork oil, JVC audio with 4 speakers, high torque starter, solid state Rheostat, pending LED dash gauges. Adding Vietnam bumpers, flip up scuttle vent, hidden antenna, window tint, and several more bits

The to do list. r200B diff with goodparts cv joints and hubs, fresh head with roller rockers. At some point, a fresh motor with lightened crank, cam bearings, improved compression and roller rocker valve train. Oh, and AC.