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The Lobby
Enjoy the blog this week with Eric Clapton, The Core.

Youngest is finishing up volleyball and soccer seasons, post Halloween and the candy is almost gone so my clothes may start fitting again. May start fitting again. That is until the last week of November. Big rain this past week, and I thought I flooded out my beehive. Bees are tough, folks. Lovely weekend ahead, weather wise, with a birthday dinner for my wife, and volleyball tourney for my youngest. The School Car stays in the garage, until maybe this afternoon.

Whats new
Let me update everyone on my tstat stuff. I bought 2, 180, and 195. Well, I thought the 195 would get me to mid on the gauge, just faster. Um, no, it goes quickly to almost ¾. And stays there. I pull that, go statless until Saturday morning, headed to a D6 breakfast, and I can’t get the temp up to even a quarter. In the dark, with my phone light, I throw the 180 in. On the side of the road. Fun, did the trick, back to center mark, but back on a discussion with oppositelocksmith on this 195 theory. This car rolls off, as does other brit cars, with a gauge that tells you to run your car at mid, which, to me? Is 180. Certainly enough for daily driving. But I may revisit this 195.

My spare alternator is back, so, it goes to the trunk. Still behind on the tune up, the right rear adjustment to my adjustable brackets, full alignment, spring spacers, pushrods, ….i mean, the list is long. The CJ radiator has arrived, full blown aluminum rig, much better than original, but with all sorts of extra plug holes. I need to test this with the hose before I mount it. After that, hook up that battery, some gumout in the throat, and bump that starter. On very old gas….so I know what to expect. I just hope I don’t bend a pushrod on this one too.

Did you put gas in your car? Please put a little gas in your car.

The Wax
I like the fact that more media comes online everyday. I was surfing for some material on the origins of Standard Triumph, and this article in Petrolicious appeared, so I surf to that to read it. I had commented on it 8 years ago, shocked the post was still up. And in great form, still current. Youtube has more stuff, and while Cheftush is a go to, there are so many out there, sharing advice and procedure, its almost a virtual Bentleys if you have wifi. On the road.

I like that we can get lost in the material, but I hate that we can get lost in it too, if that makes sense. I almost dropped Chuck, as in, “do you catch my drift, Chuck?” I use Chuck on facebook so people know that I posted something, cause there is nothing worse than seeing a post from someone, thinking they posted it, and it ended up being some bot promoting something. Sorry – I am full bore tangent this week.

I remind myself what I am doing here. Where this blog started. To help those hovering around this mark, nervous with their pile of money, wondering if its safe to dive into this pool. Well, it is. And not only is it safe, when you come up for air, there are lifeguards shoulder to shoulder around the edge of the pool watching you swim to the side.

Tech. McGiver
Shopping cart
Throwback. The beetle

Tech. Supplies
I won’t be able to do justice to the road trip prep that goes on with some stewards. But I thought I would share some things that I like to keep in my trunk, and stuff I have been meaning to put in my trunk for a trip. But hopefully, it’s a nice teaser, and will get those thinking about road tripping a TR6. For some, to get past that bridge that Truman freaks out on. That should be a wax someday – if I can only remember it.

I’ll pretend that everyone has a spare in their boot. I don’t, but it really doesn’t matter. We have plenty of space there, and if I drive alone, I got all sorts of space in my passenger seat and floorboard. I don’t have eva gabor luggage, so a bag with some jeans, shirts, socks and undies, and I’m good. Well, toothbrush, but you would be surprised what hotels still give out for free at the desk.

Here is a list of basics I think are good for a road trip. In no particular order.
Duct tape WD40 Sockets
Wrenches spare clamps water bottles
Flash light tarp spare plugs
Spare cap spare rotor quart of oil
Feeler gauge lug wrench jack
Funnel hoses air pump
Tire patch plugs jumper cables blanket
Electrical tape Wire nuts

We can make this list long, but we will be limited to the space in that trunk. My advice is to lean on emergency, and making it to the next town, rather than comfort. Oh, and have good roadside assistance on your insurance. Cheers.

Window shopping
In my mind, if I were to start over, I’d find a decent frame and tub. Sadly, only a month after attending VTR, I’ve walked around the ratco frame, complete with rear sway bar. Drooling over it. Just sitting there, smug, not even looking back at me to sneer. Sure, fine, I can start with that frame, but I still need a tub. Well, no, according the JD, who reminds me that they are still producing the tub somewhere. In England.

The beauty of this mark is the entire car is on a shelf in a virtual store. Sure, some parts like my hard top rear glass isn’t, but we can find it somewhere. Im chatting with D6 Doug in San Angelo and I send him a B post hard top holder, which is out of stock at TRF and everywhere, apparently. He’ll fab up 2 from that original. And if we need glass? I mean, we don’t need a clean room to fab up safety glass. All we need is Ed_h to take this glass, think on it for a few days, and soon, there is a rack of them in the corner of his garage. Craig Kenyon took our later model plinth, and 3D printed a handful of them, complete with a light rig behind it. Know this, before I go off on more tangents. This mark, unlike the CJ that I steward, and the 88 escort that I own, has parts available. Even in this pandemic. And as we go through another 24 hour cycle, we will have more stuff tomorrow.

If you get in line at the TR6 store, with all the other TR6 shoppers, you realize, none of us would want the same thing. 100 of us shopping, gathering stuff, colors, and options, at the end, should we all finish these projects, there would be 100 different cars. This giant Sams Club, us walking around, down isles, with this virtual cart, piling in parts for this segment of a build. Cool to imagine. And to see all these projects online is certainly encouraging for those of us around this mark.

Throwback the 72 Baby Blue Beetle
Back to the – have I shared this story before? Who cares. This story is like therapy to me. My mom, with her own money, finds a 72 baby blue beetle for around 2K dollars. Before the 72 TR6 shows up, this thing becomes my mom’s work car. Against my dad’s approval, btw. This was a different time in the south. Women didn’t buy cars – they were given cars to drive.

This segment will tie to my speeding ticket post about the TR6 when I was 14. At 13, my mom has this car, and I’m just old enough to start looking for trouble. I find it in a scheme that gets me to the hardware store, with her car key, and me alone with maybe a few dollars in my pocket to ask the key guy to make a duplicate for my mom. Which he does, and I even buy a key ring for it. As I think back on this scary decision, its clear I intended on using this key, when no one was home.

But lets be clear on these next steps, cause there are people from all over with different driving experiences. At 13, in rural North Carolina, I had already learned to drive multiple tractors, had mastered a go kart, mini bike, and other machinery. On Jimmy Tindall’s farm, I even drove pickup trucks on the country roads from the field to the barn to unload tobacco. Buying a car key, at 13, for a car that I wasn’t legally allowed to drive in the city, by myself, was, well, how I rolled then. I looked like a normal kid. Tall for my age, 5’11”, and 150 or so, head full of hair, and older looking.

I don’t remember the first time I drove this car alone. I remember bits, like driving at night, on a 2 lane road with oncoming traffic, almost pissing my pants. Driving past my friend Mac, in his grandmothers yard, raking leaves, stopping, staring at me, jaw dropped, as I drove by, headed who knows where. Euphoric. Akin to buying beer under age. I did that too. Sure, great when you finally get your license. That was awesome but a different feeling. And to drive this car, on what seemed like a regular basis. I mean, eventually, it was just a means for transportation.

This party comes to an end at friend Chandler’s house when my mom figures out I am not where I am supposed to be. Crime doesn’t pay, and this is where I hand over that key, cut grass with scissors, and do other painful chores for a while until a lesson is learned. I remember the chat I had with my Dad – doing his best to tell me, it’s a different time, and things were different in his day. This is a common routine, isn’t it? Probably more worldwide than I give credit for it here. But driving, and freedom go hand in hand.

I need to remember to share my bus driving story, which I did, in high school, as that was the labor pool in NC back then. High school teenagers, driving school buses. And with the best driving records in the country, btw.

That’s enough for today
Thank you for caring for your Triumph TR6. You help people around you with this car without even knowing it. You bring happiness to the land rover owner. Please start your car with it out of gear and foot off the clutch to save your thrust washers. Pop your hood and have a good look around the engine bay. Please put fresh gas in your car each week, even if just 1 gallon. Smile when you drive, and whenever possible, take a kid driving.

See you on down the road,

L.O Guvna

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I am the steward of CF50460UO, born September 1975 with paint code 19 and black interior. Nicknamed “the school car”, is now over 100K in miles, with the original paint. I am the 3rd steward. Car was delivered with original hard top and factory overdrive. Current upgrades include Volvo overdrive gearing, Konig Rewind 16x7 rims, Falken 205s, 4Runner calipers and 7/8 rear wheel cylinders. Poolboy carbs, FlexAlite electric fan, pertronix ignitor ignition, TR5 cam, pacesetter header, 70amp Lucas direct fit alternator, Silverstar Halogen headlights, WBC blueprinted oil pump, Bastuck 9 pound flywheel, Goodparts suspension on all 4 corners, Goodparts sway bar, Goodparts trailing arm brackets, Uprated Armstrong lever shocks with cycle fork oil, JVC audio with 4 speakers, high torque starter, solid state Rheostat, pending LED dash gauges.

My wish list: r200B diff with goodparts cv joints and hubs, fresh head with roller rockers, new interior, and new paint. At some point, a fresh motor with lightened crank, cam bearings, improved compression and roller rocker valve train. Oh, and AC.