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Enjoy the blog this week with SRV and Mary had a little Lamb. RIP.

Fun week. Rain in Dallas. In June. So odd, but I'll take it. Caught out on 2 of the enemies of this mark - rain with the top down, and leaving my lights on. Noticing more retailers serving without masks, thats nice. The world is loosening up. My oldest daughter is house hunting, and that is a joy in this economy. Imagine a post graduate, getting paid to go to PhD school, but not making enough for these houses today. I hope this bubble corrects a little - buyers have zero leverage right now, don't care where you live. Our lost pet - Holly, btw, is being sighted in this pocket that she has settled in - that's a fun exercise, hope no one has to go thru that, but you will be surprised at the survival skills of a dog, and the network around lost pets. Crazy infrastructure - something like a TR6 forum. Sort of.

Whats new
Good lord. I am a school boy with my new gearbox toy. Those eyes a psycho makes when he finds some mystical power. You get distracted with life and stuff, and even on the school car, I've had to fiddle with starter relays, pitted carb bowls, fuel line, fuel pump.....the list of tedious....and finally, Eureka. The sun comes out, lay down on the garage floor, fiddle with the gearbox drain and fill plugs, flushing tired gear oil, and renewing all that. And to have a sticking OD, unstick, move in and out like it should. And the best part? It doesn't stick at all anymore Wowsa. Wanna know why I drifted in HDVA? and that supra siren? Cause my OD wasn't working well. And truth be told, I am not done with that sexy wench. Drip free, no maintenance, smooth shift.....this symphony of transmission. I will be back, just a while, thats all.

Anyway, idle is good, my alignment is off, and my thermostat is being replaced. Ran hotter than half on the way back from a weekend highway drive. Running free flow right now - like running around the house naked with no one home. Tstat on order so you can get that visual out of your mind. I shortened my hood latch cable. With all this chatter on emergency, and knowing I most likely won't move my release pull to the passenger footbox, I removed the cable and shortened the loop. I noticed the loop distorting when I pulled my lever - with the hood up, watching the mechanism. And in shortening the loop - 1.5 inches in length - I added more cable on the end. I have improved functionality in the cable itself. I won't go so far as to say, that old twisted cable is fine - just that I am less worried about it now. I can hang 5 extra cable stops on that thing if I wanted to.

The Wax
In the continuing series of what is right on this mark, fuel delivery and fuel management. Brakes were technically next, but I threw that up on a segment a few weeks ago. Idiot, not paying attention to his own mess. - enjoy my organizational skills.

I can't go a week before someone asks maybe the hottest question on this car. Who can help me with my stromberg carbs? Your fingers can't move fast enough to pick this steward up and set him or her in poolboy's lap. And as dependent as many of us are on this carb, the community is now a diverse fuel management group - growing from PI and carb, now to EFI, and more solutions. Back in the day? I think the only other 3rd solution was a weber setup. Now, you can walk down this aisle of floor to ceiling rigs, and pick something. Speaks to the nature and demand for this car, and the approach we all have to making it a better driving mark.

Just about everyone who dives in this TR6 circus wants to know how to make more power. And the first magnet that gets them is fuel, flow, cold air, heads, it, and the first impression they have is - the stromberg is a big restrictor plate dipped in nasty dark science. Well, maybe not everyone, but I just described LO Guvna in those early years. With sloppy strombergs, and before poolboy, I get sucked into the Patton EFI vortex, and later whip up this thread on mikuni slide carbs with Trick6 - Al Gary. Al puts it in motion, rigs up 3 mikuni's, linkage and all, sorts the jetting, and kicks off this wave of slide carb stuff. The noise around fuel management for this car was intoxicating, and it still is.

Recently, a fellow in Michigan, fab'd up some tube, rails, and throttle body that hangs off the side of the car like the PI cars. Sexy, simple, hot. And works with existing EFI management systems. Watch for traction on that, and others that will be supplying this alternative. Angry fuels are forcing us - those that want to motor these cars - into systems that can handle the corrosive nature. And if you are on poolboy carbs like me, treat them well, and they will never let you down. I've been on his program for 7 or so years now. Huge fan, and big supporter. The best news here, as I wrap up this wax is, Fuel management, which used to be part of the dark enigma of this car - this fence to stay away - is gone. If you have a list of reasons not to be in a TR6, don't have fuel on it, cause you'd be lying to yourself and others.

Next week? Ignition

tech Alignment
Throwback Cobra replica

tech - keep it straight.
Typical me. Crusade. Get me talking about the no drip crusade I started a few years ago. I still think that is possible, and the goal wasn't to get to zero drip, but to keep working, outside the box, to find ways to improve all that. As a group, 6pack literally sorted the gearbox to zero drip. Mine technically is right now, 8 years or so after finding that vent hole. My case is drity, but thats from dirt and oil blowing back from the rear engine seal. Before? my gearbox looked like you pulled it from the car, dipped it in a vat of gear oil, and then remounted it. There was more GL4 outside the gearbox than in it. And GL4 smells like chit, btw.

Today, I am hell bent on pointing my car in the right direction. Got some feedback this weekend - car is crabbing, or tracking a bit left, so to speak. All manageable, but I don't know about you, but I don't want to trust anyone to put it on the rack, strings, and all that those systems entail, and get a reading. Like getting a cancer diagnosis from a doctor. What do I do with that info? Sure, they will want to sell the labor and service to fix it, but cmon - some alignment jockey with Suburban alignment expertise? Giving me advice on how to point this car? Hell, they didn't even know how to get it right during production. I am going to get the school car tested, and get the readout, but I need someone with the right skill to get this right. Even my daily mechanic has an alignment guy he likes - as if to say, he doesn't have a handful of people to recommend. This ain't a muffler job or a kwik Kare auto lube place.

In the meantime, and for those wondering what they have, like me, try this. Aint rocket surgery, so take this hack with some salt. This will tell you , at least, where each wheel is pointed. Park the car on a flat surface, and have the wheels as straight as you can. In your iphone, open the 2 apps that show level and compass. Measure each wheel center with the iphone. Measure direction with the compass, and angle with the level. All 4 wheels Should have similar compass directions, except the front, which should be off slightly to indicate toe in. If the car had no camber, the wheels would indicate zero, but you should show some camber in either direction. I mean, it won't show if the wheels are in the right space, but it will give you some solace, and help you prepare for the next step. Onward to proper alignment!

I ignore car badges on modern cars. Almost ignorant to what they mean. Sure, I know what that a 330i means - injected. But saloon, and touring - when mentioned, like whoosh - don't know, don’t care. But watching Jeremy Clarkson's Farm on Netflix - highly recommend, btw - I hear from Jeremy what touring means. Oh - sure, that makes sense now. And then I realize, a TR6 isn't naturally a touring car by today’s standard. When I was in high school and college? American highways were 55. That’s not bad for a TR6. But today, with some sections being 80 or more, traffic might be moving around 90. That’s not in our parameter.

In 2016, I round tripped the school car from TX to NC for a high school reunion. 3K miles with some extra driving in that round trip, had some blow by issues on the way home, but for most part, a nice drive, even on I20. Had some open road, rolled up past 110, and then settled back around 80 for most of it, settling in with most of the traffic, and passing much of it. Summer, hot, windows down. 2014, Trip to Oxford MS for the Trials, trips to Austin, east texas, and several other multi hour drives. Even without cruise control and AC, its not unbearable. Its just not comfy, which we are used to today.

But we as a group, don't look at this car as a 6 plus hour trip car. We aren't naturally geared for it, We are moving further away from the safety expectations of the newer generation of car, and more importantly, the current generation of distracted driver. But like motorcycles, and life, I can say, I need this experience, if only to remind me that life is good, and we have a lot to be thankful for. The spectrum of ownership for this car is deeper than concourse to modified, as we decide how we want to drive it, or park it behind glass. I can have as much fun driving around town, as I do on the highway, but for me, a road trip is ingrained in me. Not everyone likes highway driving and long trips. I grew up with them - first trip I can remember was in a 1969 Galaxy 500, down old US 301 from Rocky Mount, NC, to Ocala, FL. Family down there, and we would visit in the summer. Backseat, watching the tree line, and that moment when you cross into Florida - the orange stands. Literally smelling fresh oranges, and nothing like you would get from a store back home. Today, with media, and technology, you can drift away with a few downloaded episodes of....sopranos, top gear - pick something from netflix, and listen to it, even if you don't have a hard top and rear speakers. But I will insist that a road trip is good, especially on back roads, which brings all tr6s together, as the cars without OD or the 5speed, can motor down the road, comfortably at 50-60, right?

Throwback. Road & Track. 1985
I think the only subscription I used to get was AutoWeek. I would read a Car n Driver, or a Road n Track occassionally, but AW was my goto. I don't know about you, but I have a few issues that live in my mind today. One of them was a R&T issue about AC Cobra Replicas, circa 1985.

College era, no money, and somehow, I had a plan to build a replica and finance it. I don't even want to know how I was going to do that, but it wasn't running drugs. But this issue - grabbed me, and wouldn't let go. It ties to TR6, and I promise, it will make sense shortly. I tried to find this issue online. Google searches are designed to sell you something, and unlike the library, with microfiche, I can't pull these pages unless I go talk to that lady with the pencils in her hair. The memory is strong enough, at least for this segment. R&T puts this article together that brings, at the time, 3 replica companies and their versions of Shelby AC Cobra replicas. ERA, Contemporary and another I can't remember. All were 427 models, except 1, which was a 289. Fiberglass shells, Jag diffs, and everything you need except a motor and gearbox. 30K or something under it. Each with a different approach to owning a copy of this icon. And as you read thru R&T's assessment, you get a feel for which one you think is the right way to go. Totally immersed in this article. And then, at the end, they test them. At Mid Ohio. And its here that I realize, I need to change how I manage my TR6.

I don't recall all the specs of these cars, but I do remember they could pull 1g on the skid pad. I think they performed fine. But the best part is they invited a cobra owner to show up and lap with them. A 289 owner. So here, on track, are 3 replicas and an original cobra. And I don't remember times, or how that original did either, but what I do remember is, this original owner didn't show up to just be there. He put that thing on the track and threw it around. So much so, he burned a valve. I remember reading that, and thinking, dang, he ruined it. And then I realized, he just hurt it. And now, he will fix it and go on. Burnt valve, pull the head, have it fixed, and back on the car.

It is moment of awareness that stops me. I pampered that 72 stunt car. I drove it like I was in a parade. Sure, as a teenager, I threw it around a little, but I don't think I went much over 3500 - maybe 4K a few times. New paint, new interior, pretty dash......and worried I would hurt this car. Looking back, I should have loosened my tach, spun that so that 5K was at the top, tightened down, and lit that thing up until I burned one of those valves. Literally the day my stewardship changed. Today, make no mistake. I will push the school car. Often. And if I bruise something, it will get fixed. I don't need to bend it, but I don't need to coddle it either. Everything changed for me in a few sentences from a Road & Track article, circa 1985.

That’s enough for today
You and your Triumph TR6 are lovely diplomats. You help people around you with this car without even knowing it. You bring happiness to Sam, thinking of getting one. You are a steward, responsible for it, and to it. Please start the car with it out of gear and foot off the clutch to save your thrust washers. Pop your hood and have a good look around the engine bay. Please put fresh gas in your car each week. Smile when you drive, and whenever possible, take a kid driving.

See you on down the road,

L.O Guvna

I am the steward of CF50460UO, born September 1975 with paint code 19 and black interior. Nicknamed “the school car”, is now over 100K in miles, with the original paint. I am the 3rd steward. Car was delivered with original hard top and factory overdrive. Current upgrades include Volvo overdrive gearing, Konig Rewind 16” rims, Falken 205s, 4Runner calipers, 7/8 rear wheel cylinders, poolboy carbs, FlexAlite electric fan, pertronix ignitor ignition, TR5 cam, pacesetter header, 70amp Lucas direct fit alternator, Silverstar Halogen headlights, WBC blueprinted oil pump, Bastuck 9 pound flywheel, Goodparts suspension on all 4 corners, Goodparts sway bar, Goodparts trailing arm brackets, Uprated Armstrong lever shocks with cycle fork oil, JVC audio with 4 speakers, high torque starter, solid state Rheostat, pending LED dash gauges. My wish list includes an r200B diff, a quantum mechanics Supra gearbox, new interior, and new paint at some point.