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April in Texas is a big tease. Rains a lot. Weather is nice and cool. Grass is green. This Pleasantville of, dang, its nice to be outside in this North Texas area. And we act like this April was different from other Aprils. May will come, burn everything off, and remind us to go inside before we burst into flames. In the meantime, our dog search continues –Holly is all of 10 pounds, terrier mix with cattle dog and fox, if that is possible. Rescue, 4 years with us, and just got spooked while we were on spring break in riudoso skiing. The bolt out the fence hole was worsened by neighbors trying to catch her. Either an old lady has her, she’s living in one of the creeks, or something worse. But, that has consumed the bulk of our lives these past few weeks, as we work remotely around that.

Whats new
I swapped out a failing repo fuel pump. Added a few things to the order so I could get free shipping. Some go to target to binge shop. I go online, and add things that just might be laying in my tool box. Still in a bag. One thing I am going to change out is my fuse box. That sad rusted old, sure original rig, has seen better days. And it comes with a cap too, so that is good since I lost my old one recently. Did a cap and rotor while in there, some grommets and rubber stuff. Got a fuel pump rebuild kit, and will keep that in the trunk. Decided to fiddle with the fuel pump hardware - hold down bolts. I converted to cap hex head, allen wrench on the fuel pump and top bolt too – polishing, cause I’m in that mode these days. I might be switching my gearbox fluid to test to see if the 30w is affecting my OD function – I have heavier than expected sticking over a drive on the highway. I like my dry gearbox, but I like a better functioning one better.

New segment. Not that I need to pad this rant. But I started to formalize this burst of thoughts. The blog started years ago with ramblings, and I aimed at some synergy. I added bits along the way, most recently the music links. Before that, the whats new segment, I reckon. I give myself this limit of consciousness, dividing up the weekly preach to 3 bits now, but I have had this extra stuff that aint full segment, and its too much for the lobby or whats new. Realizing as I type this, nobody gives 2 cents. Anyway, at least for my imaginary audience – me – here is a new bit for this blog. The Wax.

The supra gearbox. I can’t stop thinking about it. I can’t shut up about it. Quieter. Easy clutch. Smooth shifting. 5 speed. Better ratios. Cheap clutch parts. No leak. With the amount of miles we drive, once in, no service, not even oil drain. Imagine bolting this thing up, putting your tunnel cover back on, carpet, upright, and all the peripherals. Dropping the car and never…..never…..never lifting it again for gearbox work. Imagine forgetting about transmission issues. Quantify all that solace. Each time I type, my cash register brain cha chings, and keeps adding to a total. The only thing I can think about, right now, is how to disguise the shifter, hoping it fits in the same location as the original. There must be other cons to this pros list. I don’t GAS about the gates. Maybe the vinyl tee pee cover fits differently. That the sifter holds a triumph knob and looks stock appearing. Jesus. This hypnosis. This Kool Aid. This tunnel vision. Why now? I had this opportunity back when I was degreasing a J OD, and swapping out Volvo parts. Take all that spend, and I’m pretty close to this move. 5 speed. Lordy. Mated with a nice 370z LSD diff. Oh, and I ain’t got no data on this, but it probably transfers power better, so my rear wheel HP just went up, and I haven’t even thrown in upgraded to cv joints. Please stop me. I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up. Picture Ace Ventura in that cheerleader outfit at the insane asylum.

Tech. the fan belt plane
Throwback. The snakes

Tech. Checking for belt alignment
I don’t think this is a common problem. But as bad as my alternator was, I can’t be the only one with improper mounts on the front of the motor. So, to introduce this issue. My alternator would last maybe 3 years before a rebuild. Maybe 5 if lucky. The last one, I hear this horrible noise in the engine bay, pop the hood, and see the alternator fan rubbing against the front of the alternator. First thought was – stupid alternator. Why did you fail and start rubbing. Then, the clarity started to come in – wait. Why is it rubbing? Well, my alternator, stuck out a good 1/8 inch forward, based on the fan belt plane, if you will. That imaginary plane that the water pump pulley, the crank pulley, and all the other things should be on. Mine, sticking out, the belt was pulling it back over time, wearing out a bearing, and who knows what else inside. I take that mount off, grind on it, add some washers on the back, and shim this rig so now, I am on plane. And now? 2014 is when this rig went on. And going strong today.

Read this tip as entertainment. Don’t feed on it like a fear monger – Do not rush out to your car with calipers, ruler and a laser. Just wax on it – and let me know if this is prevalent, or Guv’s car is an anomaly. But know that common sense and general engineering apply to this mark, even if you were told otherwise.

Datsun 240z.
The TR6 killer. Or so goes the legend. I know enough about this mark to be dangerous. At 8 years old, or so, I am in Jimmy DelPapa’s room, playing GI Joes, or something, and he has a 240z car model, in the box, unbuilt. I vaguely remember him building it, but mostly, that box cover, and Jimmy – 1 year older, going on about this car like it was some amazing car. I’m 8. I’m like, sure. All I know at this point is my 3hp mini bike, and my dad’s company car, so most likely at this point, a 1969 Ford Galaxy 500. With a 390, btw. But Jimmy had done his homework on it. At that point, I had never heard or seen this car. I looked at it, thinking, eh – ok, sure. Admittedly, that shape never grabbed me. Even look at it today, and think. Um. No, I don’t see it. Car never did, nor does it do, anything for me. Well, today it does a little, cause it’s a time machine. And it makes you stop if one passes you. Like our cars today, there must be thousands out there, in garages. By the time I get to high school, 2 friends have the 280z, both manual transmissions, and both apparently go 150 or better. My 72 might go past 100 and peak at 110, but those guys in those rockets – were like the millennium falcon jumping to light speed.

I know enough today that the Japanese automotive storm came in, black holed all of the britt car market, and just kept on going. I remember the 260, and then the 280. I don’t know what this means at the time. I remember the tall tales, like the 260 was the best one and the last with carbs. Even writing that, I have no idea if that’s true. Friend Robert is a 280z car guy, restoring one with some good engine upgrades. Probably finished at this point. I do know what a hitachi carb is, thanks to a conversation I have with Jeff at Paltech a few years back. The hitachi, if you don’t know, is a copy of the SU carb. When the Japenese engineers acquire one back in the day, they didn’t just take it apart and copy it – they improved on it. Per Jeff, a hitachi carb is better than an su carb – if you care, or are looking for that swap. A 6 cylinder motor, now with cross flow, intake on one side, exhaust on the other. Im sure they copied britt motors too. No convertible, best I can remember, and even the TR7 was designed only for hard top because of pending US regulation? – I did learn that this week from JD, member of our D6 facebook group.

Its funny what greener grass will do to someone. I’ve had several z car guys, look at my car like they were hypnotized – almost handing me their wallets and keys, standing next to their very nice z cars. Part of me thinking – sure, but just for the weekend. And know this – I’ve never driven one. Looking back on my first 6 impression – like, uh, no thanks. Then dropping that top, and now im in a convertible sports car. Maybe if I sat in a z car, bumped that starter, rolled off, and went thru a few gears, maybe I might get it. But sadly, I am still pretending to be enlightened.

Curly Q
Both TR6s that I started with had aftermarket exhaust. The butt ride, 72, rally car, beater, whatever – had this dual exhaust system – I’ll try to explain. 2 separate mufflers, angled off at the dual pipe exit, aimed at the rear corners of the car. Like at a 45 degree. They did a good job hiding them, and all you saw were these chrome muffler extensions. And these mufflers were akin to glasspacks, or whatever that rat, rat, rat sound that you hear on some cheap hot rod. That poor car, sitting there, with this chit blue paint job, sad white aamco top, painted black chicken wire where the front grille would be – no joke, and countless other adjustments the PO had done to the car. But these mufflers. I can’t put into words how much I hated them.

My current TR6, the school car, came with an Ansa exhaust system on it – the poor man’s Monza system. And, in fair shape at the time. 4 pipes bending up out the back center, 2 mufflers, complete with an ansa sticker on the side of the mufflers. Now, while louder than stock, they sounded very nice, and as they wore out, I was almost free flow at the end, with some exhaust tape covering up a few of the holes. Trials 2014, Oxford, they were almost free flow. Sure, hillbilly, but part of me loved hearing this motor, and in much better tune than that 72, rolling up to 5K or so. But eventually, both would get the snakes.

I talk about things that just make this mark for the US cars. In no particular order, here is my list, and maybe yours too for the most part. The grille, the air dam, the original rims, trim rings, center pieces, the tail decals, either are great. And the snakes. The look of those left side dual pipes, bending up is part of this image. To me anyway. On the 72 car, I don’t have the roadster factory yet – this is early 80s, right before they launch. I do have Midas, and they stocked an OE style muffler. I couldn’t wait to get this muffler. I remember purchasing it, bringing the muffler home – cause it was silver, and painting it with heat primer and heat flat black. Then, taking it back to midas where they installed it. Driving home with that new muffler. I could hear stuff. Smoother. And while there must have been some change to powerband, or performance, I didn’t notice anything. On the 76 car, I have a pacesetter header, bundle welded together and to the pipe. This gets modified when I put the snakes on, cause you gotta have dual pipes into that muffler. I still want to mod this configuration, but its ok for now. But as that hypnosis continues to linger…like a cancer – I want great performance even if this poorly designed exhaust system is choking it off. Like – can’t we find some extra flow here, or backpressure there? Can’t we just Idreamofjeanie this thing so it looks like this, and makes silly or sillier horsepower, or in this case, stops robbing it.

That’s enough for today
You and your Triumph TR6 are great diplomats. You help people around you with this car without even knowing it. You bring happiness to the chatty guy at the stop light, curious about parts availability. You are a steward, responsible for it, and to it. Please start the car with it out of gear and foot off the clutch to save your thrust washers. Pop your hood and have a good look around the engine bay. Smile when you drive, and whenever possible, take a kid driving.

L.O Guvna

I am the steward of CF50460Uo, born September 1975 with paint code 19 and black interior. Nicknamed “the school car”, is now over 100K in miles, with the original paint. I am the 3rd steward. Car came with hard top and overdrive. Current upgrades include Konig Rewind 16” rims, Falken 205s, 4Runner calipers, poolboy carbs, electric fan, pertronix ignitor ignition, TR5 cam, pacesetter header, 70amp Lucas direct fit alternator, Silverstar Halogen headlights, WBC blueprinted oil pump, Bastuck 9 pound flywheel, Goodparts suspension on all 4 corners, Goodparts sway bar, Goodparts trailing arm brackets, Volvo OD gears, 7/8 rear wheel cylinders, JVC audio with 4 speakers, high torque starter, solid state Rheostat, pending LED dash gauges. And much more to come….