Lobby now with music!
This song reminds me of Myrtle Beach, and not the butt ride or school car. This song is burnt in with old Myrtle, as a kid, and the rides at the beach – ferris wheels, the spinning red cars…can’t remember what they were, but the Himalaya was this counter clockwise ride with roller coaster seats, up and down. And this song was playing when the assistants at this ride would run and jump on this ride as it was going. You won’t see that activity today, my friends.

A full week of dog tracking for our 12 pound terrier mix. Have never used a tracker before – amazing to see where our pet was wandering around. Feel pretty good we will find her. On the TR6 front, a nice bi weekly meet up at our hub, 4 bullets in Richardson. And now with special parking. British owned, so it just gets better. Adding to the attendance, and continuing the path of support. Hunting our next monthly gathering spot, and we will probably end up in Carrollton, unless they come up with another hidden event that shuts down their entire square. Denton, McKinney, other county seats have these awesome downtown squares, now with thriving businesses, and Carrollton – I mean, its like they threw something together 150 years ago. But centric for Dallas, and good stuff to do there.

Whats new
D6 continues to grow, and bring in more stewards. All of us – have tr6 owners near us, and sometimes, don’t even know it. I thought I had a handle on the ones in my vicinity. Turns out, there is one a few blocks from me, and it ain’t Ray Scholl. Social media is great at getting to most of the crowd, but there is still a big chunk that ain’t on that, and may not even have a cell phone. We are talking about reaching out to the parts houses and asking them to help us contact area 6 owners, as it might boost their biz. Why not, right? Car is running well, still, and I am preparing to sort it for the VTR in September. I can’t drag that thing up there all ratty like this. So, with what little spare time I have, I’ll polish, adjust, throw some rattle can black grille paint on my exhaust snakes, and get some bulbs in my dash gauges, and other bits. Including my front spring spacers. Yeah, I know. You’ll believe me when you see it.

Tech tip
Throwback. Model T

tech tip. Oil cooler and oil pressure
One of the recurring themes is oil pressure with a TR6. My car was awful – barely to 50 on the road, and well less than 25 at the stop light. I fell into the dark ways to manage this like just about everyone else. Without managing the root problem. I thought an oil cooler would help many things, including performance. I am into 6pack pretty good at the time I throw my car on jacks, and start with a host of fixes. It helps to be in a robust forum. It was here, that I realized, an oil cooler is…well, cool, but you really only need it if you are going uphill all the time, or towing stuff. I ain’t doing any of that. And rather than read the Bentleys, and be educated on the expected wear of this motor, I find out that my problems are main bearing related. Neighbor Nelson, and aircraft mechanic, tries to explain oil pressure, and tolerances on the crankshaft….I mean, sure, how about I just say I trust you. And with that, and some gearbox work, I get my main bearings replace, my rod bearings, and I also replace my oil pump with a blueprinted version from WBC. My point here is, when our cars get near 70K? its time for new main bearings. That tends to get overlooked when the questions first come in, and it tends to be the last thing discussed – after oil coolers, and thicker oil. Jeez – how did I forget that bit. Yeah, lets thicken the oil to improve oil pressure – I mean, if I am the only one who considered that, then that would be pretty amazing. So. Tech tip today. Change your main bearings. Or save up and do it when you should. Everyone will thank you. Oh – and you can do this with the crank in the motor. Most mechanics know how to remove the drop the front and rear seal mounts, loosen the gearbox bolts, and let the crank droop enough to get those bearing pieces in their saddles.

Camera, action
I start more projects….and get bored, walk away. I shouldn’t say bored – more like, frustrated. I am a big fan of LED. I am not a fan of LED colors and characteristics. This industry? Has come a long way in a very short time. I’ve fiddle with LED in other cars, and we are on that cusp of interchangeability. Dimming and blinking….seem to have been the big hurdles without some Dr Seuss contraption connected to it with mice turning wheels. I prepped for this a few years ago, having my rheostat reworked by Hokie6, Dale, who I think, has retired now. Unit works great with old lights, and now solid state, will work with LEDs. My dash is the composite of this hodgepodge of painted inside gauge housings for better reflection, to removed bulb colored lenses…..Anything to brighten up the dash, for my old and getting older eyes. Our dash’s were so clear back in the day – blue glow for the early cars, and green for the later models. Post 73, I reckon, as that is when the gauge bezels were changed.

So many kits out there, and if you start a thread today, that thread might be stale in a few months. So many over the years have helped us with lighting, even the standard bulbs – Lou on 6pack wrote up how to brighten tail lights, which everyone should do if you haven’t converted. 2357? Over a 1357? I forget all the numbers, but it’s a great write up. What is funny for me – is to see improvements in the headlights as well. I like my silverstars, and part of me wants to keep that energy suck, and heat producer while addressing all the other lighting areas of the car. WTH is that with me. I have LEDs in my 88 ford escort head lights. That’s a simple plug and play module, but still. Cmon. Im sure I can find a way to upgrade those lamps too.

I learned a lot about the characteristics on LED with that escort. Temperature, for example, is the measure of color, and how a high temp bulb is kinda blue. What we are used to with a regular house bulb is kinda yellow. So, these charts give you some idea what the light will look like when on. Headlights – frankly, I like the temperatures of the new cars, and how they seem to wrap around the car so you can see the curbs and trees as you keep it between the lines. But they have faults too – like narrow beams, and focus, and what is really frustrating is trying to learn LED on youtube. That place is overcrowded with loud mouth experts telling you they are the hero, and that everyone else is a bunch of lunatics. For me, when this noise settles down, is when I’ll make these upgrade moves, but I do look forward to the day with brighter, healthy driving, braking, turning, and reverse indicators. And, a dash I can see, and dim at night.

Our Model T
Hit me this week how youth see this mark. You’d think I would have figured out this gem by now, but clarity is a funny brain fart sometimes. I love Shelby American, and I know a lot on the subject – enough to be dangerous. But I tell myself often, if I had money for a 289 race version, with some Holbert or Bondurant heritage in it, I wouldn’t buy it as it might mean someone wouldn’t have a chance at it – someone that grew up with them. I was born when these cars were coming around, and I was …8? When Shelby moved on. That amazing run in racing history was just a few years from first cobra to Ford GT. I have no connection with it, but I do love it. I love a 55 Chevy too. Pick anything that is cool, but before I was born or understood cars, and that is the jist of this segment.

I can talk TR6 all day. Some of it factual. I drove one during production. I knew about other models, knew about the brittish Leyland impact, and I had a strong interest in European cars. I had a part of my wall in my bedroom with magazine cutouts of modern sports cars – anything from the 911, 930, E type, BMW…whatever, even my favorite, a Ferrari 364 GTB? The street version, and if memory serves, the 365 was the race version. 0-80 or something in first gear. Highlighted in The Gumball Rally, which to this day, sits in my mental library of great movies. I’ll wax on that someday for the throwback. But we are at the end of a phase with this mark. Just about everyone I know with this car, knew it as a kid, or had one when they were younger. I won’t live to 200. Neither will you. At some point, if they are still street legal, a kid today will own this, know jack sh…about it, but will have the impression that I have with a Model T. Cool car, must have been fun back in the day.

This next phase is around the corner. Look at your personal watch – I got maybe 30 years left if I do this right? That ain’t much. Some have more, some have less. Retirement is closing in even before I expire, and at some point, in that 30, I won’t have a drivers license. I know this is tough love, but as we prepare to hand these keys over, lets leave this mark better than we found it. The great news is, we are already doing it. Car is much safer than it was then. Tons more reliable. Liquid lucas smoke won’t make any sense to those kids, cause their cars will have better wiring, or better components on the wiring. Upgrades, regardless of purity, will work its way into the mark, and help us see better at night. Better rubber. Better everything. Done waxing, but you get the drift.

I don’t have a plan after that wax. But, we should start thinking about it. I’ve said many times – you call yourself an owner. I call you a steward. After they cremate you, bury you, or freeze you, that thing will sit there, running or not, well after you exit. Hard fact. I can’t think of when I ended a blog on such a somber note. Sorry about that. I’ll lighten it up next week. Something fun.

That’s enough for today
You and your Triumph TR6 are great diplomats. You help people around you with this car without even knowing it. You bring happiness to a guy walking down the street, thumbs up as you pass. You are a steward, responsible for it, and to it. Please start the car with it out of gear and foot off the clutch. This helps save your thrust washers, which have poor oiling at startup. Smile when you drive, and whenever possible, take a kid driving.

L.O Guvna

I am the steward of CF50460Uo, born September 1975 with paint code 19 and black interior. Nicknamed “the school car”, is now over 100K in miles, with the original paint. I am the 3rd owner. Car came with hard top and overdrive. Current upgrades include Konig Rewind 16” rims, Falken 205s, 4Runner calipers, poolboy carbs, electric fan, pertronix ignitor ignition, TR5 cam, pacesetter header, 70amp Lucas direct fit alternator, Silverstar Halogen headlights, WBC blueprinted oil pump, Bastuck 9 pound flywheel, Goodparts suspension on all 4 corners, Goodparts sway bar, Goodparts trailing arm brackets, Volvo OD gears, 7/8 rear wheel cylinders, JVC audio with 4 speakers, and high torque starter, solid state Rheostat, pending LED dash gauges. And much more to come….