Gonna start the blogs off with some music. Stuff I remember listening to, or have listened to while driving my TR6. First up, Pink Floyd, Run like Hell

Good morning stewards,
A lovely day in Dallas. Coffee is fresh, and each day I can taste better after my covid bout. I was tested for antibodies this week – my doctor thinks I am good for 2 years – says I have very good antibody …levels, or whatever. My blood could be better otherwise. Today, D6, the Dallas TR6 group I began many years ago to launch a 6pack chapter, is meeting today for a Gathering. We are trying to gather socially on Saturday’s, in a central location, and talk the mark, and help each other. Today, the Red River Triumph Club will bring a few members and take some photos. Red River is all Triumph, so we want to be a part of that group and help where we can. Funny quick story – we planned on having this event in old downtown Carrollton – nice square, with some restaurants and antique stores. Didn’t know until yesterday that TexFest is this weekend. I find this out only by calling the brewery there, and they ask me if that is why we are coming? Nope – blocked off streets, the whole nine yards, including an event that isn’t being advertised. So, last minute change to The Londoner – a brittish pub in Addison, with a nice backdrop, and open at odd hours for customers to watch soccer all over the world.

Whats new
Dang. Where to start. First, my ignition switch is permanently mounted in the housing, thanks to the RC shop and their tiny screw. My bosch relay is good, and car starts well now. And starts on just a quick bump with some choke. Carbs are healthy, gas is fresh, still well sorted. I have new spare keys – which I thought would be a train wreck. I thought I was going to have some find some 80 year old warlock and his grinder to cut these. Nope – luck of the draw, I get recommended A1 Locksmiths – a place I have driven by a thousand times, and never gave them the time of day. Walked in, family run, great people – looked at my original keys – sure, turns, sets up, I chat with the rest of the group – not 5 minutes and both ignition and door key are cut, 8 dollars. I felt like I had stolen them. I’ll use that crew for other stuff. Wowsa. My new speakers are installed, and I have my new 4 inch speakers mounted in my BobbyD panels. 4 speakers, base JVC unit, with rear USB, btw. That’s a nice feature – I have a thumbdrive in the glove box, with 1970s rock and R&B stuff on it.

Tech tip
The cobra
Throwback The first time

Tech tip – Teflon tape
I have brass hex head pipe thread plugs in my oil pan, gearbox fill, and gearbox drain. Same plug. I won’t press this as a recommendation, cause frankly, we need the magnetic plugs to gather stuff when we drain and refill. And that is my next step with those. But one of the great things that we threw around a few years back, was the greatness of Teflon tape. A few wraps of this tape before it goes in does 2 things. First, it helps stop leaks. When you pull the plug again for its next change, pull the tape off, and put a new layer on. Cheap, fits in the trunk tool kit, and works great. The biggest help, in my opinion, is never having to worry about that chemical weld we get from those square head plugs in the gearbox. I,you, all of us…have read those cringing threads of someone rounding off that square head plug. It was going to happen. Square head plug, overtightened to stop the leak? Yeah, we have all been there, or almost been there. That tape….I mean, you don’t even tighten it down much. Just a little. Drive, look for leaks. If a leak, maybe another 1/8 turn. Drive some more. Check again, but the tape allows you to only tighten to stop the leak. You’ll be amazed at how light the torque is on that plug to do its job with that disposable Teflon tape. Oh, and you can use any of the colors. The blue is the thinnest? The Yellow is the thickest. Yellow is for natural gas pipe, from what I understand. And practice on that plug before you actually install. There is a correct direction to put the tape on so the tape follows the turn, not against it. That is hard to explain, but you’ll figure it out when you try it. Cheers.

Shelby American
I take my dad to the airport in the late 80s, and on my way out, walking by the gift shop, there is this softback book – Carroll Shelby’s Racing Cobras. I have that book somewhere, still, filled with Dave Friedman’s pics, commentary from everyone around that project, and just something I couldn’t put down for a while. The ultimate what if. They could not repeat that era if they tried. Seems like all racers drove cobra’s for Shelby. Pick anyone from that era – except Penske, and maybe a few others so tied to chevy they couldn’t see straight. When you make chevy respond to a 289 cobra with the grand sport, you obviously have pissed enough people off.

I am not an expert on SA, but I am a big fan. And I throw in Goodwood cause what I want to impress, and have touched on a few times, how I think we should treat these cars. I don’t know if you follow either of these interests, but a cobra event is often at a track, and they don’t parade around the track during their event. They are literally swapping paint with million dollar copies of cobras, mustangs, and anything else. Flat out, drifting to a barrier, I mean, you would think its 1965, except the guy driving is some CEO, and not Bob Holbert. Goodwood, on my twitter feed, has replays of past events. I just saw a mini cooper go off course, hit hard into the hay bale, then, get t boned by a following car. No injuries, but to see that heap – knowing they will straighten it, fix it, and keep racing. This image of taking our cars, putting them behind glass, or in a heated garage…you can sense that I am at that one end of the spectrum. I won’t change the purist minds, and frankly, I don’t want to. I love an unmolested TR6. But what glory to know that something as old as our stuff, still hanging it out on a corner at Spa, Mid Ohio, …pick somewhere, just thru the gears, and sucking those g’s like a drug addict.

My first 72 – babied. Omg – don’t rev that thing over 3K. Today, I look at my paint missing on my front left fender flair, and know that will get repainted someday. And my tired motor will get a nice engine rebuild, probably on the same performance recipe – yeah, maybe I’ll change the cam, or fiddle with the head flow. I’ll certainly rebalance those rods and pistons, and if possible, lighten that crank. Ok, so I will fiddle with this recipe – I mean, we all want 150 to the rear wheels. So. If it helps. You have my permission to chirp those tires.

For those following along, I had a TR6 waiting for me at 14. I get to drive it officially at 15 with a permit. And at 16, its my first car. I have already been driving legally and illegally. At 13, I had this bright idea to borrow my mom’s keys, and go to the hardware store, and get my own copy of her VW Beetle key. My own key ring and all, taped under a lamp. And at 13, drove the car around town – still a funny story for high school friend Mac, who I drove by while he raked leaves. Staring at me, jaw dropped. I loved driving after I got over the absolute fear of the illegal aspect. That was all good until I got a ticket at 14 in the TR6. I’ll do a full throwback on that, but getting a ticket without a drivers license….is interesting. Juvenile Delinquent interesting.

But that moment when you drive alone, legally, is great. I remember the whole day – the weather, everything. Even the dog I hit. That was later, around 7pm, and I shared that story with my oldest recently. She hit a cat, and felt bad, so I shared that story. All this great stuff that day – driving around after school, and then the end of it, hitting, and killing an animal with your right front fender and tire. Even today, that sucks. But lets lift this back up and wax on when we first drove this mark for the first time.

As bad as that first car was, it ran pretty well. Started, drove, didn’t leak…much. Handled well. And for the most part, reliable. I just chuckled. But one of the issues we had with our car was shifting. This car…I think…was on the original clutch, but with 50K on it, and only a few years old – he may have already replaced that. Hard to believe anyone getting 50K miles on any clutch in a TR6. The friction point on the original clutch kits – as my car was set up with those factory hydraulic connections – the friction point was literally just off the firewall. I remember rolling my foot back – heel in the same spot, and letting my toes bend back so to speak – to have a smooth shift. And small friction distance. I have experienced this in race cars later, but for anyone trying to shift this car, back in the day – had to get used to it. Even today, I feel like I am still learning how to shift this thing. And my current clutch is very smooth, and off the firewall, and with a good amount of friction travel on that pedal. We also had this issue under the shifter – the plate that fits under the cap that holds the spring down – was this welded/brazed piece of metal from a repair. The cap was damaged, and rather than replace it, just try to mend it. Which caused issues in shifting, as the cap would get in the way of the shift to 3rd gear, or whatever.

I’m going to stop, only because if I keep going with this throwback, it will be tonight, and you’ll have moved on to life, which is good.

That’s enough for today
Your Triumph TR6 is a great diplomat. You help people around you with this car without even knowing it. You bring happiness, and thumbs up, leaving a memory with a guy in a truck on his way to work. You are a steward, responsible for it, and to it. Please start the car with it out of gear and foot off the clutch. This helps save your thrust washers, which have poor oiling at startup. Smile when you drive, and whenever possible, take a kid driving.

L.O Guvna

I am the steward of CF50460Uo, born September 1975 with paint code 19 and black interior. Nicknamed “the school car”, is now over 100K in miles, with the original paint. I am the 3rd owner. Car came has hard top and overdrive. Current upgrades include Konig Rewind 16” rims, 4Runner calipers, poolboy carbs, electric fan, pertronix ignitor ignition, TR5 cam, pacesetter header, 70amp Lucas alternator, Silverstar Halogen headlights, WBC blueprinted oil pump, Bastuck 9 pound flywheel, Goodparts suspension on all 4 corners, Goodparts sway bar, Goodparts trailing arm brackets, Volvo OD gears, 7/8 rear wheel cylinders, JVC audio with 4 speakers,