The Lobby
I created an LO Guvna twitter account, which frankly, not sure what I am going to use it for yet. But as I build followers in my business with hashtags and content, seems logical to mimic some of that with this blog and the enthusiast approach to this mark. World’s a changing. I don’t know what helped me get revitalized here, but I have that itch again – to be more involved, write this blog, help others. I got involved with a mentor program, and while I aint the best to be that to anyone, I am smart enough to point someone to where they need to be. There is nothing better than helping someone not spend their money. Or at least help them be frugal about it. When you have parts in bags, and pieces all over the garage floor, you are in the weeds. I don’t care how smart you are, you are drunk with that restoration, and have trouble thinking clearly.

Whats new
My driveway is getting less crowded with the exit of the Honda accord. Such a great car, although not as sexy as it was in 1994. Purchased new, 1 owner, my wife’s car, which she bought because my 84 was such a great car. The 84 is tied to my tr6 journey, as the 84 replaced my 72 car which was rear ended that 1985 night. I drove the piss out of that 84. Had 4 accidents in it in one year. None my fault, hard to believe. 1 of them, I am not even in the car, and I watched an Hidden Valley Ranch 18 wheeler back into it. 5 speed, in gear, and I watched that car buck as that 18 wheeler pushed it back. But less cars means less attention, insurance and everything else along with that. My ignition switch goes in today, weather permitting. That’s just some simple female leads crimped and soldered on. Should be plug and play. I almost giggled when I just typed that. Plug and play with lucas. Which reminds me. Get a fire extinguisher. D6 – the Triumph TR6 of Dallas Facebook Group assembles next Saturday with a beer/brat bar gathering in North Dallas. I’ll have my strombergs to pass around like show and tell in 1st grade.


I meet Irv/Elwood on the 6pack forums. I spend time with him in Oxford at the trials in 2014. I hang with him at the Kastner Cup. I stay in touch, and we chat occasionally on facebook. I endure the Blackhawk hockey pics and commentary. And its with him recently that I share some personal stuff, and get some sage advice. Forums, typing, as I do now, emails, or anything written – miss that lagniappe, as they say in Louisiana. That something extra. 5 pages of threads on engine oil get boiled down into 10 minutes in a crowd at a car meeting or show.

I’ve never written about other members before. You’d think I’d have a whole blog on poolboy. But you stop occasionally and reflect on the influences in your life. Irv doesn’t realize, as most of us miss this too, that more people watch and listen to you than you think. Original owner, with the sales receipt. Old school, racer, kind, giving. Chicago, and everything that goes with that. And besides his network in TR6, just such a fun guy to follow on facebook. Fun family to follow.

Car clubs and forums bring such a diverse group of personalities – makes you wonder if you would hang with any of them if we didn’t have these marks to share. But even as I type, I can say that I enjoy everyone in the tr6. They may not say that about me. Irv and I, at a car show, tend to stand there and talk more than just cars. I can remember looking down at his hood in Oxford, thinking, dang, the paint is missing in that spot there. Thinking, I’m not alone with my paint, which he reminds me. Anyway, just taking a moment in this blog to thank him, his insight, and all the help he has given over time, and not just in this mark. Cheers, and see you in Oklahoma in September.

The car parent
I hope you realize half the stuff that flies off my fingers is really me, talking to me. Like being a steward. It’s a big responsibility if you really care for the mark. Jerry Jones owns the cowboys, and has somehow convinced himself he is the Dallas Cowboys. Fans don’t have that hard of a time separating this clown from the franchise. My point here is don’t confuse this mark with yourself. And as a steward, you can do anything you want with it. You own it, but use your club, forums, groups or my chit chat to pester you into managing it as a leader, I guess. I added this segment this week as I read back through some stuff recently, and remembered how the school car was when I got it. Very original. It had points in the distributor. The service counter worked under the hood – tan rig on later cars for service reminders.

I’ve talked a lot about the spectrum of originality and upgrade. From the assembly line to a v8 hot rod with no bumpers, somewhere, in that spectrum is you, and probably reflects what you want. And, it has some imfluence from a previous owner. Take the butt ride – that stunt car was like chitty chitty when we had it, but somehow, it got back to its original color, and ended up with a few things not original to its year – 72 cars did not have a front dam, or rear union jacks on the side. This one did before we sent it away.

As a mentor, in this new program on a facebook group, has put me in touch with John Herman, who now has a fully blasted frame, gearbox swap on order from quantum, r200 diff on standby, and motor work in the works. We start with this frugal approach, and as I said in the lobby, the budget is being tested. If you mentor, no matter how hard you try, your influence comes out. Mine does. I don’t mean it to, and if it does, I try to balance it. In the end, the new steward is the judge and jury. Mentoring, and watching John strip, blast, farm out, and swap, is like arm chair quarterbacking a superbowl. But the the QB is listening to you. Restoring your car without touching it. And planting that seed…….man, what would I do if I could start from scratch……..

My carpet install in 1983…ish
All this restoration talk reminds me of the 72. While the current car has had upgrades, its stock appearing. Except for the wheels and tires. But the 72, got paint, carpet, dash, audio, top…..more if I think about it. I’ve shared the dash and top restore. Here is some memory on my carpet.

Most TR6s eventually have carpet issues because it’s a convertible. I am not the only steward that has dealt with soaked carpet from rain. The 72 car, literally had pieces of carpet under the mats. And somehow, I find a carpet set for…my mind says 150 dollars….back in the day. Continental comes to mind as the supplier, and it wasn’t TRF. I can’t remember how I find this group – they were pacific northwest, and there was no internet in 1983. Young, I did do some homework, and was very impressed when the kit arrived. It fit, and with snaps in the right places. Kick panel pieces, all of it. I had never pulled an interior before, so this was an interesting summer – an empty cockpit, with the chairs in the corner of the garage. Now this is only a few years post production, and while I had rust on the floor panels, they were in decent shape. A few areas of surface rust, but nothing major. Navel jelly, and some wire brush, and I got most of that off.

Its here that I try something that was probably progressive at the time. I figured the panels needed more than just paint. From the hardware store, I used a good quality primer that I brushed on, on all areas of the cockpit. I had a good decent krylon spray white to go on top of that, but between the primier and the white, I sprayed ….underwood, or something. I can’t find it now, but it was spray on undercoating – basically rubberized surface for the bottom of cars. I didn’t spray the bottom, was warned not to do that as I might trap something. But I did spray the interior. And it wasn’t just to protect the metal. I was sound deadening. I didn’t have this aha moment, and it wasn’t intentional. But I knew I wanted something more than just primer and paint on these panels. I will say, that went on fine. Getting white paint on top of that, was, well, a challenge. Many coats, and if I did it again, I would have rolled it on.

That was a fun project, turned out great, with new carpet jute, new moldings, new tunnel cover – TRF fiberglass back then, and new bolts for the upright, new handbrake vinyl, and even new fuzzy material around the interior light assembly that sits over the tunnel cover on early cars. New carpet smells good. I can still smell that.

That’s enough for today
Your Triumph TR6 is a great diplomat. You help people around you with this car without even knowing it. You bring happiness, and thumbs up, leaving a memory in guy in a truck on his way to work. You are a steward, responsible for it, and to it. Please start the car with it out of gear and foot off the clutch. This helps save your thrust washers, which have poor oiling at startup. So, smile when you drive, and whenever possible, take a kid driving.

L.O Guvna

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