The Lobby
The subdued transition of years. The ball in New York was cancelled. Not that we were headed out for a big party, but the suppressed? Oppressed? Nature of gatherings, changed. A quiet weekend in Dallas, drying out from heavy rains that head east. Vaccines, inoculations, politics, and distractions from what we are used to, but becoming more accustomed to. Life adapts, and I hope it continues to adapt. The 6 community continues to evolve, and share, and I am more confident the future of the mark is healthy. I can’t say I had that impression over the past few years. Feels like a chat with Dennis Gage, or Jay Leno might give a better impression on what is in store for the next 50 years. With collectible cars and even this mark, in other words.

Whats new
The Dallas TR6 group is growing, we simply call this the D6 group. All are welcome, especially 6-pack members. This group grew out of an attempt to get a local TR6 6-pack chapter. I think we needed 6 to get one going. Well, its past that now at 126, but I don’t think anyone is minding that store now. Doesn’t matter, as this morph into the next phase of content, communication, community. The school car sits, waits for the ignition switch, in the garage. I have 2 horn pushes – one old, one new, with the old dismantled and being restored Ed_h style. I’ll probably use a combination of both to make the replacement. I have 2 events on the D6 site, VTR in Oklahoma and the Trials, both in September. Would love to make both, will most likely make one, the VTR. Gearbox drain and refill are on the to do list, along with the ignition switch and horn push. Oh – and I have replacement keys, so that will be fun – getting 2 of the cut to make a replacement spare set.

Throwback. Right hand Drive

The Youtube channels
I could make a bunch of posts just on cheftush. But why – that content is already there, but it helps to share all that glory, even if those don’t go there much. That element of new owners, coming thru the revolving door. A steward moving on, passing the mark to a new owner, and some looking for anything. They need this insight. We are starting beekeeping. The best way to get educated is youtube, and the various ways to start a hive, manage it, control disease, etc. And with this mark, this platform not only gives insight, but always the visual sense. This blog, face it, is old school. No audio, video, or insight into how my brain works or mouth moves.

I found Walter Hollowell in one of the TR6 groups this past year. Retired, racing a prepared 6 in events around the country. Inspiring man, certainly for racers who stopped and have some desire to strap back in. My goto search is cheftush, but even when you go there, you have other relative stuff to watch, and one of Walter’s vids is up, on a 6 race engine build – like number 7 or something. I watch it, follow Walter, and now I have to go watch all of them, so I do. 200hp on this setup. No, I’m not headed to garage to prep pulling my block, but to have this sequence at our fingertips, is very good. And how cool is it to have Walter share some dirt on his on stuff – I mean at the end of the day, that community still has a few tricks they want to keep for that little edge on the track. But the beauty of this sequence of vids takes the fear out of engine build. Along that line, go to powernation, and watch a few of those old engine builds – not to take notes, and memorize things those guys do, but to see the basics of crank, bearings, pistons, rings, blocks, cams, gaskets, heads and rocker assemblies.

The pastel v8s
I’ll rush as fast as I can to bring this to a TR6 centric. But bear with me, cause this means a lot to me. I can’t speak for others, but I have an impression of car clubs and their flavor, I reckon is the best way to say it. Corvette clubs – as an example – to me, feel very snobby. I don’t know a single corvette club member. But that is what floats around my head. I might be alone, I might not be. But here is what I know about thunderbird owners. At least in my neck of the woods.

Until about 5 years ago, the local ownership would meet every Saturday morning for breakfast at this diner near me. Imagine at least 10, pastel 50s thunderbirds parked in this lot, as these…original owners? Sat inside, catching up. Vintage cars, and vintage owners. Each one, probably a former P51 pilot. Again, my impression. We have breakfast there one Saturday morning, and driving the school car, with ignition switch issues, and almost planned, they are outside leaving, and the school car won’t start. So they very kindly help push me to start. You can’t script this. But in all of this memory wax, all I can remember about this senior citizen crew is, how absolutely kind and sincere they were. That generation that worried about the important stuff, and not the small stuff. Comforting. And not one of them taking a jab at the lucas gremlin in the our mark.

So, here is what I want. I want the tr6 community to be like that. I mean, just like that. I don’t want us to be snobs, or have snobbish attitudes. I don’t want us to be jerks. I want this mark to scream – this mark is fun, kind, and here to help you. I added a tag at the end of this blog – have had it there for a few years now, Smile and take a kid driving. There are things in that – smile, as in, don’t roll around town with a frown on your face, or get pissed that someone cut you off, or won’t get out of your way cause they are admiring your car. I’ve sensed that before, so its as much talking to myself. The kid thing is to remind us to pass this mark on. As we navigate thru online forums, and facebook groups, and local clubs and physical events, lets be very open. I don’t advocate this, but I handed my keys to a woman once, and said – take it for a spin. And she did. That might have made your underpants go up into your intestine, but take a step back and evaluate your place in this community. I hope each of you have some P51 pilot in you.

Throwback. The PI cars
The image of a UK spec car still lingers. We are here because of this mark, and we got here for various reasons. Mine is reluctance. I rode home from the dentist in the butt ride, the tired 72 car that my dad bought. Bad blue paint, and white top, black interior. In pain, in the passenger seat while mom drove me home – and she could drive a stick because she had a 72 Beetle, and was very good at driving it. I hated that car at first. I’ve waxed on that in other blogs, but the sequence of learning on this mark eventually gets you to the variants of the years and tune that Triumph put on these cars as they rolled out of Coventry. The wizardry of those motors was special. That grass is greener thing. Don’t know where dad and I learned this, but we learned it somewhere – the variants of horsepower over the production years – this matrix of hp and torque with the first column, US spec, and the other, UK spec, the numbers always higher on the right column. Taking some solace in that my 72 car had good power as the later years were tuned down, but still. To think a tr6 rolled off at 150, was exciting. 150. That’s funny now.

If it was printed, it was true. We know most of this is bs now, and we look deeper now, given rear wheel hp data, and the ability to accurately measure anything. I can talk to Kai at Wishbone a few years back, and get a sense for bore, new cranks, and improved build on this block, and know that I can have that or more in my car, and reliable and long lasting. But over the years, what really lasts isn’t the power. For me, it’s the look of those injectors hanging off the side of that block with that black intake tube attached. You see that rig, then look at your strombergs, and even if those strombergs are hanging on the side of a 170hp tune, it just looks slow. Impression. I still live with that. You pop the hood on your PI car, and let it idle, and you can probably go thu my pockets and take my wallet and I won’t know. I’ll never have a PI rig, or I don’t see that in the future, but jesus. That willy wonka contraption is, to me, one of the sexiest things about this mark.

That’s enough for today
Your Triumph TR6 is a great diplomat. You help people around you with this car without even knowing it. You bring happiness, and thumbs up, leaving a memory in guy in a truck on his way to work. You are a steward, responsible for it, and to it. Please start the car with it out of gear and foot off the clutch. This helps save your thrust washers, which have poor oiling at startup. So, smile when you drive, and whenever possible, take a kid driving.

L.O Guvna