The Lobby
Well, maybe not the biggest holiday for us, but certainly memorable. So much to be thankful for. We lost friends and relatives, and this pandemic certainly doesn’t play favorites. I’ve spent more time in our new facebook group than ever, and enjoying that aspect. There are many dedicated to the mark, and while there is overlap, the echo of support is reassuring. The weekend at the end of Christmas is an oddly quiet life – few things planned today, but not much for the weekend.

Whats new
Nothing really, except my horn push. My ignition switch is on back order, and I will reach out locally on Monday to see if there is one laying around. The horn push is interesting – inspired by a local member, Richard, who noticed the replacement part had a chrome ring around the center push, where the older one had more of a brushed look. And as if Ed_h whispered to me, I grab the old push, look at it like, this thing must have come from some Dr Seuss machine in 1 piece. But, thanks to Ed, I see stuff differently now. Look closer, grasshopper. Yep, that ring has the 3 tabs. Yes….get a dental pic……push on this, push on that….and soon, all parts are on the table spring out like a jack in the box. Now I have the silver ring out, and can polish on it. And I can clean the contacts inside the push. All the little things that make it work all the time, rather than occasionally. And while I can’t get inside the molded push itself, where the scratches are, I can clean up this push, and put my new push center in, and use my old guts. That was way more than I would share in a whats new area. So, lets move on. School car, in the garage, waiting for a ignition switch. Runs well, just dirty

The old blog

Old Blog pieces
I stumble on to the old blog searching for pics in 6pack. Old site, migrated to the new site, had as all the lead in stuff, but chops off more than half of the content. But I catch a few bits, and wax a little, like Elwood telling me my paint is better than his. Maybe. In certain sections. I have tried to go back and read those bits, and try to pull from my noggin and get some of that back, but its interesting to go back and read anything you write, frankly. Like emails from 10 years ago on gmail – like, damn, I don’t remember writing that stuff. But one thing I remember in those blogs, is using recent blogs to keep myself on track, like now, trying to keep a constant speed and direction to avoid going over a cliff talking about Stromberg carbs. The Throwback below was about 7 paragraphs until I chopped it up for humanitarian reasons. There is no reason to torture someone with so much wax and minutia.

The responses are fun too, and it was an engaging time for us on 6pack. The shift to other groups, site hack, and phase shift in the mark brings us to a new world, frankly. Phase shift. What is that. I guesss that is us moving from this swarm of specific forum, to more social areas, like FB. I mean, twitter should be next, as well as youtube. We already have cheftush with what is now this fabulous channel of stuff more than TR6. But if we need entertainment, we don’t need a remote control with up and down channels anymore. A mouse, or a Pluto TV, or ways to go to what we want, and youtube is good for that, imo.

The plan now, as it was in the blog redux, was to go surf that stuff, get that “oh yeah” feeling, and start writing. That didn’t happen. Hasn’t happened. I mean, I need to just grab a few whats new, or lobby lead ins, and copy paste that stuff. But its interesting to see the timeliness of that stuff – as in, some of it doesn’t relate today.

The inspirations
Influence comes in different ways. Goes beyond this mark, and this blog. But in this tr6 world, influence is important now cause we are on the other side of the bell curve, so to speak. The bell curve being this car from inception to extinction? That sounds impossible, and it is, frankly. But we are after design, production, and contemporary, and now we are passing the mark on to others, and others are younger. You think you know a lot, or have seen it all, and then out of the blue, a new idea comes up, or there is a new gearbox guy in England.

Right now, I’m feeding on facebook tr6 stuff, and powernation on tvplus – like Pluto tv, but embedded in my Samsung smartTV. Bunch of channels, internet, and in this area of channels, is this car stuff grouping. Ive mentioned power nation before. I had Chassy at one point – which I recommend. Adam Carolla produces it, and its got all sorts of fun car stuff on it, including Pilgrimage, which is a must if you have even heard of the Nurburgring. But powernation just touches and inspires from many areas, none of them tr6. You won’t transfer any 390 engine build stuff over to our block, but you can get a feel for what engine building is today, and how much it has changed in the past few years, literally.

Throwback. The carb journey
A year ago, I took a spare set of strombergs, and began polishing on one of the tops. This became a dismantle of one of them, deep clean, and polishing on the whole thing. I share some of this work in 6pack as a thread, and then covid gets overwhelming, and these carbs and pieces get shelved, literally, in my office. But in this journey, I spend time with Joe Curto on the phone, and get back into the buckeye site and their ancient Chinese secret of carb rebuild. Search buckeye tr6 stromberg and go read that pdf. If you haven’t already.

Before this journey, the only time I touch these carbs was after I get my second and current car. Like an idiot, with no documentation or book, or anything, I remove a carb, take it partially apart, get frustrated, reassemble, reinstall, and fire the car. Now the car has a crazy high idle, and it runs rough. I can’t speak for others, but I get what I am sure to be a common phobia with this carb – as in, don’t touch it. Just drive it even if they are running like ****. After I get those carbs sorted by local mecca Brittauto, I drive the 6, in moderate tune until I can’t stand it anymore. At this point, around 2013, I reach out to Ken/Poolboy, and join his program. This will sound like a paid advertisement, but I don’t really give a …. Cause, like so many out there, this program eliminated one of the areas of fear on this mark. For any of us. I mean, pick any list that keeps someone from being a TR6 steward, whether its number 1 or 9, carbs are on this list. Well, not on mine after that. I sleep well. Or Better.

Fuel delivery is a fun topic for this mark, and some get sucked into - I can not only solve a problem with different fuel delivery, but I can make it faster! Or in the case of the mid 2000s, make it have better mileage, which was a really big deal a few years back. Gas was over 3 a gallon, and 4 in some areas. Had me on the patton EFI path. Ken says, you can get that mileage with my carbs. At first, I’m like, no way we can tune a carb to get what a throttle body can do. Now, after on his program, I don’t have this confusion anymore. I like mikuni, I like throttle body, I love the PI setups from Europe, the webers…I mean, all are great. But I have original carbs, and now I know a little more about them, and they do the job. That’s my current position.

That’s enough for today
Your Triumph TR6 is a great diplomat. You help people around you with this car without even knowing it. You bring happiness, and thumbs up, leaving a memory in guy in a truck on his way to work. You are a steward, responsible for it, and to it. I remind stewards to start the car with it out of gear and foot off the clutch. This helps save your thrust washers, which have poor oiling at startup. So, smile when you drive, and whenever possible, take a kid driving.

L.O Guvna